Sally-Anne Watson Kane’s editing experience

Sally-Anne Watson Kane is a professional member of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and Editors Victoria (Australia), full member and Secretary of Life Stories Australia, and full member of Oral History Victoria. She has 30 years’ writing and editing experience.

Below is a portfolio of Sally-Anne’s experience editing (1) reports, policies and manuals, and (2) manuscripts for publication. 

1. Annual reports, selection reports, policies, articles

Sally-Anne and her team have edited reports and policies for Government departments, companies, organisations and individuals including:

  • Selection reports (writing, editing) for Government departments including Health, Justice, Families, Education – NT (since 2002 and ongoing in 2022).
  • Articles  (writing and/or developmental editing and copy editing) for newspapers and magazines since 1990s
  • Submissions, minutes and reports (editing) for various businesses and companies since 1990s, and ongoing in 2022. These include editing an investigation report for a company in Vic (2020); editing psychological assessment reports for a Psychologist in Bendigo – Vic (2018-2020); scribing and editing financial advice reports for a company in Latrobe City, Gippsland – Vic (2010-2018); and editing contracts for a business in NSW (2018-21).
  • Annual reports (editing) for various organisations including Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation NT (2021, and 2022); and City of Greater Bendigo (2022)
  • Scientific paper – agricultural industry (editing) – DITT, NT (2021).
  • Policies (editing) for Department of Education NT (2019), and LeasePlan Australia – Vic (2020s).
  • Newsletters (editing) for Department of Education – NT (2020).
  • PTANT Strategic Plan (editing) in Northern Territory (2019).
  • Procedure manuals (structural and copy editing, design) for Department of Health – NT (2016-18), and for an aircraft company in Brisbane – QLD (2019).
  • Reports (editing) for Charles Darwin University and Edith Cowan University  (2010-2014).

2. Publications edited by Sally-Anne

Currently underway in 2022
  • Memoir/local history by an author who lives in remote NT. Structural edit. Intended for publication in 2022/23.
  • Poetry and short story collection by an author from Namibia who lives in Vic. Collaborative editing via Track Changes comments/corrections and Zoom.
  • Memoir short stories/novel, by an author (NDIS funded). A combination of structural editing, and coaching in writing and self-editing (still underway). 2022.
  • Short stories and various memoirs/creative non-fiction, by various writers. Manuscript appraisals, structural edits, and coaching in writing and self-editing. After working with me, the authors have continued to rewrite, self-edit and perfect their stories (some completed). 2021-2022 ongoing.
  • Oral history publication – ongoing in 2022/2023.
Completed editing projects (publications)

Sally-Anne Watson Kane has edited all of the published books listed here: Books produced by Sally-Anne.

In addition to those, Sally-Anne has edited the below manuscripts for publication:

  • Te-gadda we ell (Together we can), by Gerry Marr. Structural edit completed for Gerry, who was living in NSW then moved back to Scotland.  Self-published for limited distribution in UK, in 2022.
  • Murder mystery novel, by an author who lives in NSW. Structural edit completed. Intended for submission to publisher 2022.
  • Rohingya Dreams – poetry anthology. Compilation of poetry by Rohingya poets (for whom English is not their first language). Copy edit completed. Intended to be self-published in 2021. 
  • Manuscript – memoir by an  author who lives in South Australia. Structural edit completed. The author intended to self-publish in 2020.
  • Academic publication – Indigenous education issues. Copy edit completed (for the compilers/chief editors). Published 2020.
  • Academic publication – Indigenous education issues. Copy edit completed (for the compilers/chief editors). Published 2018.
  • Manuscript – Memoir/instruction on didgeridoo making/poetry/illustrations by a First Nations author. Combination of structural editing and coaching in writing and self-editing this book of poetry, art and memoir/instructions on how to make a didgeridoo; then copy edited to design stage. The author intended it to be published or self-published in 2004-5.
  • The Caracol (manuscript), by Sally-Anne Watson Kane. Rewritten and self-edited to copy editing stage in 1994. Unpublished manuscript.

Professional development

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