Writing, Editing, Proofreading

Yes, we can. First we’ll ask you to send the report to us so we can determine the level of editing required and how long it will take to edit. We will provide you with a quote or estimate. Upon your confirmation of the booking, we will edit the report and submit it by the agreed deadline.

The types of editing we can do, in regards to your report, are: structural editing, rewriting where necessary, and final copy editing and/or proofreading.

Free consultation

If you would like to improve your general and creative writing skills, we will have a chat with you to see the best way to help you.

Coaching in writing and self-editing

We have a team of experienced coaches, all of whom are qualified editors. We coach writers from beginners who need someone to help them get started on writing their memoir; to people who are writing articles and need some help to structure and self-edit them to a professional level; to people who have partly written a book and need guidance in how to self-edit it, or how to finish it.

We coach via Zoom Or other online platforms, telephone, face to face, and/or Track Changes suggestions and guidance.

If your essay is to be claimed as your own work and submitted to an institution (for example, a university) for assessment, we cannot write your essay for you.

If you would like to write the essay yourself but need tutoring and guidance to help you write it: yes, we can help you self-edit your essay to improve it.

First we will consult with you to clarify what you need and (if necessary) explain the basic principles of constructing an essay, then we will:

  • Provide you with a quote for tutoring consultation and editing work.
  • Discuss the main points of the essay question with you, identify the key points and help you plan your essay.
  • Once you have written the first draft of your essay, we ask you to email it to us then go through it with you to give you helpful feedback and editing suggestions.
  • Continue to provide you with advice and feedback until your essay is finished and ready for proofreading.
  • Upon request, if you are sure that proofreading by a third party is allowable by your assessor or institution, we are happy to proofread your essay at the quoted charge.

Yes, we have extensive experience in writing a range of reports.

We regularly (2016-2017) produce selection reports for Northern Territory Government Departments including Local Government, Housing, Business, Regional Development, Children and Families, Health, Transport, Planning and Infrastructure, Auditor-General’s, Justice, Office of the Commissioner, and Correctional Services.We are also experienced in scribing selection for Commonwealth Government Departments including FAHCSIA and Australian Bureau of Statistics.

We have recently (2016) edited and proofread suites of policies for NT Department of Education, and LeasePlan Australia. We have proofread procedure manuals for NT Department of Health; an Application for Tender for NT Department of Health; and reports for various non government organisations in Northern Territory and Victoria. Over the years, we have proofread countless documents including transcripts, Minutes of AGMs and other meetings, selection reports and other reports.

We have scribed and written reports of meetings and consultations for a number of businesses in Sydney and Melbourne in industries such as Financial Advice, Psychology and other medical specialist areas, Public Relations, Research and Marketing.

Yes, we can help you publish your manuscript. But we are not a “publisher” per se.

We are a self-publishing services provider. That means we produce your book and help you publish it as the “self-publisher”. We charge you for our services, and the books are wholly owned by you from start to finish. All we ask is for you to give a copy of your book to us (one to each team member who has worked on it: e.g. the editor, the designer and the publications coordinator).

We have produced a number of self-published books over the last few years. See: The books we have produced.

By comparison, a traditional publisher pays all the expenses of producing your book, then when the book sells, they pay you only a small royalty per book. If they sell thousands or millions of books you will make a lot of money; if they only sell a few hundred you won’t make much at all.

For a comparison of the different types of providers – from self-publishing services providers to traditional publishers, and everything in between – go to: Vanity publishers vs hybrid publishers vs publishers, etc.