Scribing and Writing – storytelling, memoirs, reports, minutes

  • We scribe as you speak: life stories, memoirs. We edit and compile your verbal stories into a Word document, and if you want we produce those stories as a self-published book. If you would like your stories produced as a book, go to On Time Typing Books and Life Stories.
  • We scribe verbal: testimonials,  letters, articles, reports, and minutes of meetings, which we proofread so they are clear and concise.
  • We write publications, articles, policies, reports, websites, blogs.
  • We offer a free initial consultation and quote (via telephone or Zoom), and a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality
  • We scribe via telephone or Zoom, across Australia. If you live near one of our scribes, we can scribe for you face to face. Our scribes are based in Gippsland, Melbourne, Cairns, Yass and Darwin. For more information, go to: Our scribes.

For further details, see below.

Scribing – typing what you say, while you speak

Our small team of scribes specialise in scribing and typing dictation – memoir and oral histories, or simply dictated letters or reports.

We scribe (or type) as you speak, straight into our computer. We then edit your words and compile and produce your document – whether that be a simple Word document or a beautifully designed self-published book.

If requested we can record what you said  into an audio file and present that to you, along with the transcripts and/or our edited, compiled version (i.e. the final Word document or self-published book).

Note: if you have already recorded your stories/testimony into an audio recording and need them simply typed up, go to Audio transcription.

Scribing testimonies, applications, resumes 

If you know what you want to say but are not sure how to best say it:

  • we scribe-as-you-speak articles, testimonies or other documents
  • we scribe-as-you-speak  letters to organisations or companies
  • we scribe-as-you-speak application letters (against selection criteria) and  resumes

After we have scribed the information, , we then edit it so your document is clearly written and easy to read, and reflects your voice, your words and  your intended meaning.

Scribing and writing reports and minutes

  • We scribe selection reports including interviews of applicants, panel discussions (assessments, comparisons and conclusions), referee reports
  • We write the report in the required style, which will depend on your target audience. e.g. we scribe, write and edit selection and procurement reports to meet Australian or State/Territory government reporting standards. Annual or other reports that are to be published need to be edited to a high standard
  • We scribe psychologist and other specialist reports
  • We scribe, write and edit minutes of Annual General Meetings, committee and board meetings, workshops, seminars
  • We write minutes in the required style – as per your agenda, and as per your previous minutes and/or target audience
  • See some of our clients here: Minutes and report-writing: our clients.


Writing life stories, oral history, memoir

  • Sally-Anne Watson Kane has been writing, scribing/writing and editing life stories and oral histories, that are then self-published, since 1996. All the publications we have edited that have been published have required us to write or rewrite content in the voice of the specific storyteller/author
  • We scribe/write then edit your oral or written material into publications, articles, reports, submissions, letters or other documents
  • We also write or assist the author in writing the front matter and other items for their self-published book, including introduction, dedication, blurb etc.
  • We have written all the content in our website (2004-current) and our Blog (January 2016 – current), and have authored our own publications.
  • For more information, go to: Our publications.

Writing reports

  • We have been writing selection reports for Northern Territory Government (NTG) agencies for over 20 years. Our turnaround is 3-5 days. Over the years we have written hundreds of reports for NTG  Departments including Justice (Youth Justice, Corrections), Family and Children’s Services, Health (Remote Health, Mental Health Services), Auditor-General’s Department. In 2022, we continue to specialise in scribing and writing NTG selection reports.
  • We have been scribing and writing minutes and reports of meetings such as Annual General Meetings, committee and board meetings, procurement panels, public hearings, and community meetings, for 30 years.
  • See some of our report-writing clients here: Report-writing: our clients.

Sally-Anne has authored the below reports and submissions:

    • Submission to Inquiry into Telecommuting and e-Business by Rural and Regional Committee of the Parliament of Victoria (report published 2014)
    • Submissions for nomination to the Gippsland Business Awards committee, both successful (2013 and 2017)
    • Successful funding application and subsequent acquittal reports to USAID/OTI, for Fokupers, Timor Leste (2000-2001)
    • Report based on data and oral accounts in Timor Leste: Health and nutrition in Coleato Leotelo according to the people of Coleato Leotelo  (2001). Submitted to WHO, Dili, Timor Leste; published online 2001.

Additional information

Our scribes and writers

Our scribes, minute-takers and writers are Sally-Anne, Danikka, Christine, Kyle and Meg. For more information about our scribing team go to: Our scribes.

Our scribes and writers live in Victoria, Queensland and Northern Territory.  We scribe reports, life stories, testimonies, dictation and publications, across  Australia.

We work and communicate with all clients via telephone, email, teleconference, Zoom and other platforms, as well as face to face where you live near one of our scribes. We are happy to use our own Zoom account for all meetings and consultations.

Scribing via telephone/Zoom – or face to face

We can scribe your story, dictation, minutes, report or publication, as you speak, via telephone or internet, regardless of where you live in Australia.

The method we use to scribe the information depends on you. You may be most comfortable speaking to us while we type what you say, via telephone – or you may prefer Zoom, Skype or another platform.

If you need someone to scribe your story, dictation, minutes or report face to face, we may be able to do this depending on your location.

Face-to-face meetings with more than seven people presentrequire either 1) face-to-face scribing, or 2) recording the meeting into a digital audio file which is then transcribed. For more information, go to: Audio transcription services).


  • We have been scribing memoirs and reports via telephone for 19 years
  • We have been scribing minutes of meetings via Zoom since 2019


  • Free initial consultation and quote, and general communications
  • No charge for any time required to research your subject area
  • Scribing selection and procurement reports: combination of an hourly rate and charges per section of reports required
  • Scribing life stories, publications, articles, or minuts: hourly rate or a fixed quote based on that rate.

Call us  for a free consultation and quote on: 0419 337824, or Contact us.