Scribing and Writing

  • On Time Typing offers a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality, and free consultation and quote
  • We scribe minutes, reports and dictation. We write reports, web content and publications
  • We write the report/web content/article/publication in the best style for your target audience
  • We submit your documents by the agreed deadline.


Writing reports
  • We currently scribe and write selection reports, referee reports and procurement reports, for NT Government Departments: Justice, Local Government, Housing, Business, Regional Development, Territory Families, Health, Planning and Infrastructure, Primary Industries, Auditor-General’s Department, Correctional Services (2002 – current). Turnaround: 2 – 5 working days
  • Other reports written by Sally-Anne Watson Kane: 1) On Time Typing submission in the Inquiry into Telecommuting and e-Business by Rural and Regional Committee of the Parliament of Victoria (published 2014), 2) report of 2-day forum for MOS-Plus/Department of Children and Families (2005), 3) progress and acquittal reports (for funding) to USAID (2000-2001); 4) Health and nutrition in Coleato Leotelo according to the people of Coleato Leotelo by Sally-Anne Watson [Kane] and the Chief and community of Coleato Leotelo, Ermera, Timor Leste (published 2001).
Writing articles, submissions, websites, publications
  • On Time Typing writes and publishes weekly blog articles in the On Time Typing Blog (2016 – current)
  • We have written applications for Gippsland Business Awards nomination (2013 and 2017); tender submission to Department of Education (2017); funding applications to USAID/OTI (publication project)
  • We have written all the content in On Time Typing’s website On Time Typing (2004 – current). We have written website content for two other companies (2017)
  • We have written and continually update templates, policies and procedures for On Time Typing (2002 – current)
  • We have written and published a number of articles about events in Darwin and Timor Leste (1994 – 1999)
  • We have written the ‘extras’ (half-page, blurb, introductions) in several publications (2006 – current). We have written and self-published books (fiction and non-fiction) detailed at: Publications by Peewee Press and Sally-Anne Watson Kane.


On Time Typing scribes your dictation or meeting straight into our laptop then writes/edits the report or minutes. We scribe via telephone and face to face:

  • Dictation: correspondence, testimonies, submissions
  • Selection reports, referees’ reports, procurement reports
  • Minutes of meetings: committee meetings, Annual General Meetings
  • Reports of workshops and seminars.
Scribing face-to-face or via telephone
  • We can scribe dictation, or meetings of up to six people, as you speak, via telephone, anywhere in Australia
  • We can scribe teleconference meetings/interviews of any number of people, as you speak, via telephone
  • If your meeting/interview is face-to-face, we may be able to offer an on-site scribe, depending on your location
  • If your meeting is face-to-face and you are expecting a lot of people to be present (e.g. an AGM), you will need an on-site scribe; or, if this is not available, we may recommend you record the meeting and sent the digital audio file to us for transcription (see Online audio transcription).
Scribing dictation

On Time Typing scribes dictation 1) as you speak, via telephone, or 2) from audio recordings you have sent us.

We scribe dictation of medical reports, psychologist reports, articles, transcripts, correspondence and testimonies for:

  • Psychologist conulstants in Bendigo (VIC) (2015-current)
  • Financial advice consultants in Gippsland (VIC) (2007-current)
  • Psychologist consultants in Queensland (2017)
  • Autobiographical statements for a clients in Sydney (NSW) (2017)
  • Public relations companies in South Australia (2010)
  • Darwin Consultant Psychologists (NT) (2007-2010)
  • Authors of oral histories, afterwards edited and published (1996-2001; 2016-2017)
  • Individuals requiring affidavits, testimonies and submissions in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory (2006-current).
Selection reports

We scribe reports via telephone or, upon request, on-site (where we have an on-site scribe available):

  • applicant and panel discussions
  • selection reports that meet government reporting requirements
  • referee reports (verbatim) and edit them to the required standards.

We scribe selection reports (including referee reports) for Northern Territory Government agencies on a regular basis: Local Government; Housing; Sport and Recreation; Health; Territory Families; Business; Justice;  Treasury; Attorney-General’s Office; Planning and Infrastructure; Office of the Commissioner (2002 – current).

We have scribed selection reports for Commonwealth Departments: Employment and Workplace Relations; Immigration and Indigenous Affairs; Families, Community Services; Australian Customs; Centrelink; Australian Bureau of Statistics; Office of Indigenous Policy.

Procurement reports

We scribe reports via telephone or, upon request, on-site (where we have an on-site scribe available).

We scribe procurement reports including tender and quotation reports, summaries of interviews, discussions and negotiations, action sheets, outcomes and recommendations. We have scribed procurement reports for Territory Families, Northern Territory Government (2017).

Minutes and reports of meetings

On Time Typing scribes minutes and reports of meetings, forums and workshops via telephone (where there are up to six people present. We scribe larger gatherings either by scribing on-site (where we have an on-site scribe available) or scribing audio recordings of the event.

We have scribed minutes and reports of meetings, forums and workshops for:

  • Darwin City Council (NT) – meeting
  • Relationships Australia (NT) – monthly meetings
  • NT Department of Business – 2-day workshop
  • Mindil Beach Markets Inc (NT) – public meeting
  • Menzies School of Health Research (NT) – 3-day symposium
  • Learning Lessons Steering Committee (NT) – bi-monthly meetings
  • Commonwealth Office of Indigenous Policy – several meetings
  • ABA National Advisory Committee, FaCSIA – several meetings
  • Office of Children and Families (NT) – 2-day seminar
  • Latrobe City Council (Victoria) – public meeting.


There is no charge for an initial or general consultation (to one hour) or for researching your subject area.

Charges for scribing and/or writing:

  • selection reports: are based on a combination of an hourly rate and charges per section of reports or a fixed quotation for the booking
  • procurement and other reports including dictation: are based on an hourly rate
  • minutes and reports of meetings: are based on an hourly rate or a fixed quotation for the booking
  • web content, articles or other material: are based on an hourly rate or a fixed quotation for the booking.

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