Our scribes and minute-takers – scribing via telephone, Zoom and face to face

On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading’s scribes and minute-takers are…


  • scribes oral histories (for life stories or memoirs), meetings, reports and dictation via telephone or Zoom, or face to face in Melbourne/Gippsland
  • has been scribing oral histories (spoken memoirs), selection reports and reports of workshops and seminars, face to face, since 1996
  • has been scribing selection reports, oral histories, dictation and meetings, via telephone  since 2006, and via Zoom since 2019


  • scribes meetings and dictation (oral histories), face to face, in Cairns and region in North Queensland.
  • has been scribing minutes of meetings, and writing articles and reports based on spoken testimonies or oral histories, for many years


  • scribes meetings or dictation, face to face, in Bendigo and Central Victoria
  • has been scribing minutes of meetings for many years


  • is being trained for scribing meetings, interviews and dictation via telephone, Zoom, or face to face in Alice Springs, Northern Territory
  • is available for scribing discussions and interviews face to face in Alice Springs

Our scribes and minute-takers have extensive experience in scribing and are required to pass the On Time Typing On-site Scribing Accuracy TestFor more information about our scribes’ skills and qualifications go to: Scribing minutes, reports and dictation.

Image: Sally-Anne Watson Kane

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