Editing, proofreading, manuscript appraisal, beta reading, self-publishing services

On Time Typing provides editing, proofreading, manuscript appraisal, beta reading, graphic design and self-publishing services across Australia.

We offer a free consultation and quote, and a signed guarantee of confidentiality.

For information about our graphic design services, go to: Graphic design.

For information about our editing, proofreading and self-publishing services, see below.

Editing and proofreading

Editing publications, reports, websites

On Time Typing edits and proofreads:

  • fiction and poetry publications
  • non-fiction publications including  memoirs, autobiography and academic
  • reports, policies and manuals.

We edit and proofread in Word, InDesign, PDF, and online (various programs).

Our text editors are Sally-Anne and Claire. Our image/photo editors are Christine and Christina. For more information, go to: About our editors

Our clients

We have edited and proofread the publications listed at editing publications for organisations and individuals in Gold Coast, Queensland; Sydney, New South Wales; Darwin, Northern Territory; Melbourne and regional Victoria; and Timor Leste.

We have edited and proofread reports, policies and manuals for:

  • Public sector: Department of Education (NT), Department of Health (NT), Department of Justice (NT), Department of Territory Families (NT)
  • Private sector: LeasePlan Australia (VIC), Financial Planning company (VIC), Brisbane aircraft company (QLD),  David Mitchell Psychologist in Bendigo (VIC); various businesses in VIC, NT and Sydney, NSW (regular clients)
  • Universities: Charles Darwin University (NT), Edith Cowan University (WA).

Editing poetry, and coaching in poetry editing

Sally-Anne Watson Kane edits poetry collaboratively to produce the perfect poem or book of poems.

Sally-Anne is co-founder and the facilitator of Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG). PEGG meets regularly in Moe, Gippsland, to workshop their poetry.

Sally-Anne provides poetry editing consultations, and How to edit your own poetry coaching, via telephone or on site. For information about our approach to editing poetry, go to: Editing poetry collaboratively.

Sally-Anne also presents and facilitates workshops in Editing your own poetry.

Manuscript appraisal

We offer manuscript (MS) appraisals, or assessments, of fiction, non-fiction (including memoir, biography and autobiography) and poetry MSs. Our MS assessors, Sally-Anne and Claire, are members of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and qualified to carry out manuscript appraisals.

Our assessor will read through your MS, then review the MS and write a detailed report that assesses your MS against our checklist of issues. For more information:

Beta reading

We offer beta reading for fiction and non-fiction (including memoir, biography and autobiography). Our beta readers are aged from 25 to 55. They all live in Australia – in Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Victoria. Our beta readers are: Adele, Christine, Christina, Kerri, and Natalie.

Our beta readers read then review the manuscript, and write a two to three page report against our beta reading checklist. For more information about the beta reading report, call us on 0419 337 824.

Note: our beta readers are avid readers but are not qualified editors.

For more information:

Self-publishing services

If you have written or typed a manuscript and are ready for the next step of self-publishing your hard copy publication, On Time Typing can:

  • type your manuscript; for more information, go to Copy typing services
  • assist you with suggestions for either self-editing, using beta readers or a manuscript appraisal; for more information, go to Self-editing your manuscript
  • edit your manuscript; for more information, go to The Editor’s role
  • design your publication (InDesign); for more information, go to Graphic design
  • proofread the designed publication (in InDesign or PDF), prior to the final proof and print: for more information, go to Proofreading hardcopy publications
  • oversee the whole publication process from manuscript to printed stage.

Our self-publishing services may include

  • explaining the processes of editing and self-publishing to you and providing you with a quote, at no charge
  • project planning, obtaining/allocating ISBN, obtaining quotes from printers
  • writing timelines and budgets for the publication
  • structural (developmental) editing
  • copy editing, including line editing and fact checking
  • editing or enhancing photographs and images (Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • completing Thorpe-Bowker required metadata and self-publisher information
  • printer liaison and proofreading the ‘final proofs’, to printed book stage.

Our clients

We have produced self-published books, from early draft/handwritten manuscript to published stage, for:

  • Joannie Sammon (QLD) – memoir (currently being printed; book to be launched October 2019)
  • Crib Point Football and Netball Club and Crib Point Cricket Club (VIC); book published August 2019
  • Trafalgar Bowls Club Inc (VIC) – published by Peewee Press; book published 2017
  • YWCA of Darwin Inc (NT) – published by Peewee Press; book published 2006
  • Fokupers (Timor Leste); book published 2001
  • ETISC (NT); book published 1999
  • AFFET (NT); book published 1996.

Additional information

For information about our graphic design services, go to: Graphic design.


  • Free initial consultation and quote
  • Once a quote has been provided and you have accepted that quote, the quoted charges will apply to the work done after your acceptance of the quote
  • Our services are charged either at an hourly rate, or at a fixed rate for the whole task (based on the estimated hours for the whole task)
  • Call us for a chat or free consultation and quote: 0419 337824.