Attended launch of the Call It Out! report on racism against First Nations people

Today I attended the launch of the Call it out! Annual Report: a summary of the findings from the report, followed by presentations by speakers Leanne Liddle and Eddie Cubillo, and discussion on the structural and cultural changes needed to address...... More

Life Stories Australia end-of-year event

I attended the Life Stories Australia (LSA) annual general meeting and end-of-year conference today. As of today, I have relinquished my role as Secretary of Life Stories Australia and stepped down from the Board, and look forward to focusing on my...... More

Our Northern Territory-based projects – 2023

Below are some of the NT-based jobs we have completed (or are still working on) in 2023. Life story writing: Over the past few months, I have been interviewing a client and his extended family members, and scribing their stories about...... More

The self-publishing memoirs we are producing (2023)

We’ve been busy over the past couple of months with our usual editing, typing, typesetting, writing, scribing, transcription and writer-coaching tasks. In addition, we have been working on the following self-published memoirs or life stories, which are ongoing projects that will...... More

Welcome to our East Gippsland typist, Lyn

Lyn, who lives in East Gippsland, specialises in copy typing and producing transcripts. She has many years’ experience in typing reports, manuscripts and submissions, and producing transcripts of dictation and one on one interviews (for research, marketing or other uses). Lyn...... More

Bendigo – typing, scribing, editing, manuscripts

Sally-Anne is going to Bendigo for a few days on Wednesday 20 September. If you’d like to meet up to discuss your manuscript or self-publishing project she would be happy to meet you. Contact Sally-Anne via the telephone number cited here,...... More

We now have a typist and scribe in Katoomba, NSW

We would like to announce that Kyle Walmsley, our wonderful typist, has recently moved to Katoomba, Blue Mountains, in New South Wales.  Kyle is an excellent scribe, audio transcriptionist and typist, with experience in typing-while-you-speak and selection reporting. Now Kyle has...... More

What’s on in September 2023

What projects and jobs are we managing this month? Coaching NDIS clients and other writers, editing manuscripts, typing transcripts and documents, and producing self-published books, as follows. Continuing regular one-on-one coaching of three NDIS participant clients in writing and self-editing, writing...... More

Documenting oral history interviews on painful subjects

Owner/Operator Sally-Anne Watson Kane will be attending an exciting and valuable workshop this Saturday: “Advanced Workshop: Conducting Oral History Interviews on Sensitive or Painful Subjects”, presented by Alistair Thomson and Sarah Rood, of Oral History Australia. Alistair, who is the president...... More

Moe Earth Market tomorrow Sunday 12 August – see our books there!

Tomorrow the Moe Earth Market will again be held in the old courts/carpark area at 99 Saviges Road, Moe. We’ll be there again with our poetry books (Among the Wildflowers), as well as some cute Fathers Day storybook-cards for kids to...... More