Welcome to Meg: minute-taking, scribing and reporting in Darwin

We are thrilled to announce a new scribe/writer has joined our team of typists and report-writers: Meg Friel, a locally born and bred Aboriginal woman who lives in Palmerston, Northern Territory. Meg has high-level writing skills, reflecting her qualifications (Bachelor of...... More

News update: self-publishing and other projects we’re working on

Our team has been pretty busy during May, working on ongoing projects and creating new ones. This has involved Sally-Anne going to Darwin where she met clients, our typists (contractors), and colleagues. She then returned to our main office based in...... More

Darwin trip – working on a special project and meeting editors

I am still in Darwin, busy with a special project and also meeting with my long-time typist contractor Natalie and a new scribe contractor, who I will  introduce publicly in the near future; as well as catching up with clients, family...... More

Flying in to Darwin shortly

I’m excited that I’ll be flying in to Darwin in just a few hours. Looking forward to seeing my clients, colleagues and family. While there, I’ll be social distancing safely but still able to reconnect with Darwin and area. There’s nothing...... More

Editor in Bendigo ATM

Sally-Anne (Editor, On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading) is currently in Bendigo meeting clients and catching up with colleagues and contractors. If you’d like to meet up with her over the next day or two please phone her. See phone number...... More

Sally-Anne (Editor) in Darwin – May 2022

I’m going to Darwin in the first week of May 2022. I will be pretty busy during my trip to Darwin and surrounding area, to meet with clients and our typist based in Darwin. If any clients would like to meet...... More

Accessible self-publishing: punctuation and our style guide

We would like to announce we have changed our self-publishing style preferences, in regard to quotation marks and ’em’ dashes. Previously as per the Australian Style Manual we used: single quotation marks for quotations within text (unless they were a quotation...... More

Typing, editing, life story writing in Melbourne, Gippsland and Central Vic

Sally-Anne has arrived back in Gippsland, via Melbourne, from Central Victoria. Sally-Anne is an experienced scribe, writer, editor and self-publishing services  provider, who specialises in life story writing, oral histories, and producing self-published books of memoirs, autobiographies, family histories and poetry....... More

OTTEP editor in Bendigo and Central Vic this long weekend

If you live in Central Victoria and need your manuscript typed, or if you have written a memoir and want it edited, you may be interested to know that Sally-Anne (editor at On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading [OTTEP]) will be...... More

What’s on at On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading

We’re back on track after our ‘isolation week’ and really busy this week and over the next couple of months. Our current and upcoming projects are as follows. Editing: We’ve recently done a structural edit of a memoir by a client; we...... More