Life Stories Australia AGM and forum – November 2019

Life Stories Australia (LSA) members met on Friday 15 November 2019 for the LSA Annual General Meeting. Some of us met face to face in Melbourne, others in other venues interstate, and we all met via the internet. After the meeting...... More

On Time Typing in Melbourne

Sally-Anne (owner/operator On Time Typing) will be in Melbourne tomorrow – attending a Life Stories Australia meeting, and catching up with Melbourne clients. Sally-Anne is available to meet up with you in Melbourne at any time to discuss your typing, editing,...... More

PEGG poetry editing workshop tomorrow in Moe

  Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) is meeting for the first time as ‘PEGG’ tomorrow, in Moe. PEGG is a small group of local poets who are not interested in not only writing, performing and/or publishing their poetry, but also workshopping...... More

Sally-Anne is now a full member of Life Stories Australia

Sally-Anne Watson Kane (owner-operator On Time Typing) is proud to announce she has upgraded her membership from Associate Member to Full Member of of Life Stories Australia * She looks forward to continuing to work with authors and story-tellers of all...... More

On-site scribe/minute-taker in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

We would like to welcome Amanda, Barker to the On Time Typing team. Amanda is a typist and minute-taker with extensive experience in scribing both on site and via telephone. She is also an experienced typist with in-depth knowledge of Word...... More

Book launch for mental health week

It’s mental health week so it is a timely week to launch this memoir by Joan Sammon: A life: I am what I am. This book was edited, designed and produced by On Time Typing and printed by MinuteMan Press Prahran....... More

Gippsland poetry group meeting coming up

Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) is a group of poets passionate about writing and perfecting their poetry.  We are holding our first half-day workshop/meeting in early November in Moe, Gippsland. For further information go to: PEGG.... More

Book launch of new Peewee Press publication

A life: I am what I am by Joan Sammon is a new memoir that will be launched on Tuesday 8th October 2019, in Robina, Gold Coast, Queensland. Over the past six months, On Time Typing – Peewee Press has typed,...... More

In Bendigo, Melbourne and Gippsland this week

Sally-Anne (owner/operator On Time Typing) has been in Bendigo for a few days. She is returning to Gippsland today (23/9), via Melbourne. On Time Typing’s Victorian-based typists have offices in Melbourne, Gippsland and Bendigo. If you live in Central Victoria, Melbourne...... More

What’s on at On Time Typing this week

What’s on at On Time Typing? One of our current publication projects is a memoir by Joan Sammon (Gold Coast, Queensland). We have edited and designed it; and today we proof read the ‘final proof’. The print run will commence tomorrow...... More