Welcome to our new editor coach – Peter Symons

Pete Symons

We are very happy to welcome to the team our newest addition to our writing/editing coaching team: Peter Symons.

Peter is a neurodivergent editor with extensive experience in copy editing academic publications including PhDs and local histories, developmental editing such as biographies and histories, and life stories including oral histories.

Peter can type as fast as you speak, which is particularly helpful when working with storytellers who are more comfortable telling their stories rather than writing them. He is also an experienced teacher.

Peter Symons holds a Master of Arts in Public History, Diploma in Professional Writing and  Editing, and Graduate Diploma of Education.  He is a member of the Professional Historians Association and Oral History Victoria, and a professional member of Institute of Professional Editors. He lives in Melbourne, Victoria.

Welcome to the team, Peter Symons!

Note: we now have two “Peter”s on our team: writing/self-editing coach Pete Loupelis, and editor coach Peter Symons. For details of all our coaches, go to: Our writing/editing coaches.