Typing, Formatting, Resumes

On Time Typing will keep your information private.

  • We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and protecting individuals’ privacy.
  • Since 2015 we have voluntarily ‘opted in’ to be covered by the relevant sections of the Privacy Act (1988) (Australia). The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)  confirmed that On Time Typing “…  has chosen to be treated as an organisation in accordance with s 6EA(2) of the Act, and [OAIC] will be including your details in the Opt-In Register under s 6EA(3) of the Act. … The OAIC appreciates your commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy…” Email from OAIC to On Time Typing: 27/1/16.
  • On Time Typing is Australian owned, and the Proprietor and our team of audio transcriptionists/typists reside in Australia. Our team members have signed strict Confidentiality Agreements with On Time Typing. Upon request we provide you with a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality.
  • Once you have confirmed your booking, we ask you to send us the recordings or documents we need to complete the task. Proprietor Sally-Anne Watson Kane will either complete the work herself or delegate the task to an On Time Typing typist. Your material will be seen only by Sally-Anne and the typist completing the task.
  • On Time Typing keeps a record of the names and contact details of clients for our own reference only. We do not share that information with anyone else.
  • Sally-Anne Watson Kane and the On Time Typing team of typists carry out their work within a secure office based within their own homes.
  • On Time Typing uses a forwarding website to receive your audio files. We delete your files from the forwarding website after they have been sent to us and ensure  only On Time Typing has access to your files. Upon completion of your booking, within six months all your information is permanently deleted from all our computers (or upon request all information is deleted prior to that). Any hardcopy information in relation to your booking is destroyed (shredded) within six months with the exception of the basic ‘booking sheets’, quotes and invoices which are kept for administrative record-keeping.

Feel free to contact us via telephone or email if you have further questions about how we keep your information secure and confidential.

We charge a booking fee for some types of bookings where a booking fee is necessary to cover the extra administration time required for your booking. If there is a booking fee, this will be included in your quote.

Once you have accepted the quote and confirmed your booking, On Time Typing will complete the work required then send you an invoice based on the quote. If a booking fee has been included in the quote it will appear in the invoice.

On Time Typing is required to charge 10 % GST for all services provided to clients within Australia.

This is because On Time Typing is an Australian business, GST-registered, and conducts all its work and provides all its services from offices within Australia.

On Time Typing does not charge GST for services provided to clients who are based overseas.

  • We send your invoice via email. Depending on the type of booking, we may send your invoice either just prior to submitting your completed documents, or just after submitting your documents. Your invoice is always based on the charges outlined in a quote (or amended quote) that has been accepted by you.
  • For small bookings we send just one invoice for all work completed. For larger bookings we may send invoices for different batches/stages as they are completed. If your booking is large we will discuss the expected number of invoices/method of invoicing with you prior to commencing the booking.
  • Our preferred method of receiving payment is by direct deposit/electronic transfer into our bank account. We also accept payment by credit card, at the quoted extra charge to cover administration costs and bank fees.
  • We usually request payment of the full invoiced amount within 21 days of sending you the invoice.
Free consultations

There is no charge for any initial consultation, or for later consultations for which we advise you there is no charge.

In an initial consultation, we will describe our services to you and either provide you with a verbal quote, or share with you all the information we can about the subject of your query (e.g. writing, editing, proofreading or publishing) free of charge. Depending on the nature of your query, we may offer you other consultations/discussions without charge; or we may advise you that we will need to charge for any subsequent consultations and provide you with a quote.

If you accept our quote and request a charged consultation, we will charge you the quoted rate for the next consultation.

Audio transcription/transcript production

We charge a fixed rate per audio minute for transcribing audio recordings into transcripts. The rate quoted and charged depends on the type of transcript required (1st Draft Transcript or Proofread Transcript), your preferred timeline, whether the audio recordings are clearly audible, the number of speakers in each recording and a few other factors.

We first ask you to answer a few questions about your recordings including the number of audio minutes or hours you need transcribed. If you can give us these details, we can give you an exact quote for transcribing your recordings. If you can’t give us all the details, we can at least give you a general quote and per-audio-minute rate.

Scribing and producing selection reports

The charges for transcribing selection reports are based on a flat rate for writing and editing each individual report and different sections of the selection report, and an hourly rate for transcribing interviews, panels’ discussions and/or referees’ reports. We can provide you with an estimated total cost of scribing your interview reports.

Scribing dictated reports or correspondence

The charges for scribing and writing documents that you have dictated via telephone, or on site, are based on an hourly rate charged for the hours of scribing and editing required. After we have clarified exactly what you need, we will provide you with an estimate for the total cost of scribing your reports or correspondence.

The charges for scribing recordings of dictation into documents are based on our quoted per-audio-minute rate, plus (if required) any further editing required. Upon request we will send you a quote for transcribing recorded dictated reports.

Scribing minutes of meetings

The charges for scribing and writing minutes of meetings, workshops or other events are based on an hourly rate for scribing, writing, editing and proofreading minutes and/or  transcripts of meetings. After we have clarified exactly what you need, we provide you an estimate for the total cost of scribing your minutes and/or transcripts which are based on the expected number of scribing and editing hours.

Copy typing documents

Our quotes for copy typing hardcopy typed documents where the documents are very straightforward are based on a charge ‘per typed page’.

Our quotes for copy typing complex documents (including tables, tables of contents or footnotes), or copy typing handwritten documents, are based on how long we estimate it would take us to complete the project and our hourly copy typing rate.

Once we have clarified exactly what you need, we provide you with an exact quote for the total cost of typing your documents.

The only exception to this is where the task is must be charged at the hourly rate and it is not possible to provide a quote for the total task.

Formatting or restructuring documents

Formatting and restructuring documents is charged at an hourly rate that depends on the complexity of the tasks required. After we have clarified exactly what needs to be done to your document, we advise you of the hourly rate and provide you with a quote for the total cost of formatting or restructuring your document.

Editing and/or proofreading documents

We charge an hourly rate for editing/proofreading small documents. After we have clarified exactly what needs to be done to your document, we will advise you of the hourly rate and provide you with a quote for the total cost of editing and/or proofreading your document.

Typing or producing a resume and/or job application

Copy typing a resume from a typed hard copy document is charged either ‘per page’ or at an hourly rate, depending on the length and complexity of the resume. Scribing, writing, editing and/or proofreading a resume, or copy typing a handwritten resume, is charged at an hourly rate. After we have clarified exactly what you need, we will provide you with a quote for the total cost of producing, editing and/or proofreading your resume.

Scribing, editing, proofreading and/or consulting for a job application, or copy typing a handwritten job application, is charged at an hourly rate. After we have clarified exactly what you need, we can provide you with an estimate of the cost of assisting you to produce your job application.

On Time Typing has a team of audio transcriptionists, scribes, typists and editors.

Good scribes – that is, people who can accurately scribe minutes of meetings, straight into a laptop – are quite a rare breed. If you believe you are a good scribe, and you have plenty of maturity and experience, I’d be happy for you to contact me to tell me about yourself.

Due to ongoing demand for transcripts, we always welcome queries from good quality audio transcriptionists in Australia. If you have the following attributes and experience, please email us your resume and application addressing the below criteria. However, please do not apply if you don’t have the below attributes.

  • You are a contractor or freelancer with your own ABN and live permanently in Australia
  • You have a broad vocabulary and above-average knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • You are very experienced in dealing with material that is highly confidential and maintaining confidentiality
  • You have a very good ‘ear’ for transcribing recordings of interviews and discussions; at least ten years’ audio transcription experience within Australia; experience in  transcribing recorded interviews and group discussions; and experience in transcribing recordings of people from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • You have your own office and computer equipment in a separate, private room in your home. You have audio transcription software and Word 2010
  • You can provide the contact details of two recent referees to verify your relevant experience, accuracy, experience in handling confidential material, and reliability.

Please check our News page to see whether we are currently seeking a typist with specific skills or in a specific location.

Yes. In fact, we would love to.

  • We clarify whether you would like the words and stanzas/paragraphs to be typed exactly as you have written them, or the words to be spelt exactly as you have spelt them; or whether you would like us to edit/correct the documents as we type.
  • After confirming exactly what you need we provide you with a quote for typing and/or editing the handwritten document.
  • We can either copy type your handwritten documents, or scribe as you read out your documents either via telephone or on site (depending where you live). Either way, we type a document that faithfully represents your written words (either ‘as is’ or edited, as requested).
  • If we do not have an office located near you and you would like us to copy typing your documents, you can either scan your written documents and send them to us via email, or mail them to us by registered post.

Note: if your poems or stories are written by you and you intend to publish them, they will need some level of editing by an editor. Sally-Anne Watson Kane is particularly good at editing creative fiction and poetry in such a way that the author’s voice is retained and, with the author’s permission, their intended meaning clarified.

Yes. We write, edit, proofread and/or format resumes. We first consult with you either via telephone or face to face to discuss the position for which you are applying and the level of detail and type of information required, give you some idea of how long it will take to produce (or amend) your resume, and provide you with a quote. Then:

  • If you have a hardcopy resume that you need copy typed, we consult with you to ensure that the original resume contains all the required information and add any other information necessary. We ask you to confirm whether you would like your new resume to be presented the same as the original or in a different format.
  • If you have a copy of your resume on the computer that needs to be updated, we arrange an appointment for a telephone consultation. During that consultation, we scribe the required corrections into the document as you speak. If you agree we may also reformat your resume.
  • If you do not have a previous resume at all, we will arrange an appointment for a telephone consultation. We ask you to think about your qualifications and the relevant skills you have to offer, any previous studies including the dates of study, previous positions and the dates of that employment. During the consultation, we ask you to give those details whilst we scribe as you speak to draft your resume. Afterwards, we edit the document to produce a well-presented resume.
  • After typing, scribing and/or editing the document, we will proofread and submit the resume to you by the agreed deadline.

Unlike some businesses, we do not offer to write your job application for you.

However, upon request, we can scribe what you say to draft your application, and work with you to edit and produce the job application.

First we clarify what you need and share our knowledge with you free of charge. If you still need assistance we then provide you with a quote for helping you produce your job application.

If you would like us to scribe your application ‘as you speak it’

We will consult with you  to ask you some questions and whilst doing so, scribe your 1st draft job application, addressing each of the selection criteria in the job description. If necessary, we will prompt you to provide more relevant examples or further evidence of your claims. We will then work with you to further edit and improve your application ensuring, however, that you have input into that process. Once you are happy with the application, we will proofread and submit it to you.

If you have written your application and would like us to ‘tidy it up’ for you

If you have written your application to ‘as good as you can get it’ and would like us to proofread it for you, we are happy to do this at the quoted rate.

However, first we need to view the application to make sure it needs proofreading, not editing. If it needs editing work, we consult with you to explain what is required and then edit your job application with you, to ensure you play a major part in writing your application. Upon request, we then proofread it for you.

Free consultation and advice

If you would like to write your job application yourself but would like some suggestions to help you get started, we explain how to write a job application. We are happy to share this information to help you write your application yourself, free of charge. It’s all part of the service.

We may be able to complete your typing the same day, depending on:

  • How many hours your task is going to take to do
  • What sort of task it is e.g. basic copy typing, audio transcription, scribing
  • Whether or not our typists have other commitments that day
  • Whether or not the deadline can be ‘after hours’

If you need something typed urgently, give us a call and we’ll do our best to give you what you need.

Yes, we can. On Time Typing’s graphics designer/editor  Richard Powell is very experienced in trouble shooting and resolving complex formatting problems and restructuring documents.

We first ask to view the report so we can determine whether it requires ‘basic’ or ‘complex’ formatting corrections. We estimate how many hours it will take to complete and provide you with a quote for the total charge that meets your timeline.

Yes, we can. If you are not sure what level of editing your report requires, we’ll ask you to send the report to us so we can determine the level of editing required and how long it will take to edit, and provide you with a quote. Upon your confirmation of the booking, we will edit the report and submit it by the agreed deadline.

If you have some experience in editing or proofreading you may be able to tell us whether you think the report needs, for example, structural editing, copy editing, line editing and/or proofreading. If this is the case, we will still need to view the report ourselves to confirm the level of editing or proofreading required.

Free consultations

If you would like to improve your general and creative writing skills, we will have a chat with you to see if we can help with some suggestions or pointing you in the right direction to improve your writing skills. We may suggest a writing course, webinar, writers’ group or online writers’ network where you can share and learn with other writers as well as helpful publications or websites. We are happy to share this information free of charge.

Charged consultations

If you need to improve your corporate writing skills – for example, if you are currently working on a report and would like some hands-on guidance with writing the report – we will give you a few suggestions and then provide you with a quote for consulting with you to improve your writing skills and the report. We usually do this via telephone; however, if we have an editor in your area we do this consultation face to face. Through working with you on your report, or tutoring you in corporate writing in general, we hope to give you some of the tools and knowledge required to write more clearly and concisely, and self-edit your own work.

Sally-Anne Watson Kane (Proprietor of On Time Typing) also owns and operates a small publishing business, Peewee Press. Sally-Anne is experienced in editing and proofreading documents and has edited and produced several publications. See Sally-Anne’s portfolio at: About Us

Free consultations

If you are looking for a graphic designer or publisher, or are at any stage of producing your manuscript and don’t know the next step to take, we are happy to share our knowledge freely, in regard to writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, coordinating publications or the tasks involved in self-publishing.

If you would like us to edit or proofread your manuscript for you, we will consult with you to find out exactly what you need, ask you to provide us with a copy of hte book so we can confirm the level of editing or proofreading needed, and provide you with a quote for editing or proofreading, as required.

Charged consultations/editing

Once you have confirmed you would like us to edit or proofread your manuscript, we charge for any further consultations that are part of the editing task.

Depending on the type of publication and our other commitments at the time, we may offer to assist you in regard to coordinating the publication, finding a graphic designer, producing your publication and/or publishing your book as a Peewee Press publication; or if we can’t help you at that time we’ll refer you to someone who can.

If your essay is to be claimed as your own work and submitted to an institution (for example, a university) for assessment, we cannot write your essay for you.

If you would like to write the essay yourself but need tutoring and guidance to help you write it: yes, we can help you self-edit your essay to improve it.

First we will consult with you to clarify what you need and (if necessary) explain the basic principles of constructing an essay, then we will:

  • Provide you with a quote for tutoring consultation and editing work.
  • Discuss the main points of the essay question with you, identify the key points and help you plan your essay.
  • Once you have written the first draft of your essay, we ask you to email it to us then go through it with you to give you helpful feedback and editing suggestions.
  • Continue to provide you with advice and feedback until your essay is finished and ready for proofreading.
  • Upon request, if you are sure that proofreading by a third party is allowable by your assessor or institution, we are happy to proofread your essay at the quoted charge.

Yes, we have extensive experience in writing a range of reports.

We regularly (2016-2017) produce selection reports for Northern Territory Government Departments including Local Government, Housing, Business, Regional Development, Children and Families, Health, Transport, Planning and Infrastructure, Auditor-General’s, Justice, Office of the Commissioner, and Correctional Services.We are also experienced in scribing selection for Commonwealth Government Departments including FAHCSIA and Australian Bureau of Statistics.

We have recently (2016) edited and proofread suites of policies for NT Department of Education, and LeasePlan Australia. We have proofread procedure manuals for NT Department of Health; an Application for Tender for NT Department of Health; and reports for various non government organisations in Northern Territory and Victoria. Over the years, we have proofread countless documents including transcripts, Minutes of AGMs and other meetings, selection reports and other reports.

We have scribed and written reports of meetings and consultations for a number of businesses in Sydney and Melbourne in industries such as Financial Advice, Psychology and other medical specialist areas, Public Relations, Research and Marketing.

Yes. We transcribe dictated case notes, reports and correspondence for businesses and companies:

  • reports and correspondence for psychologists and other medical specialists
  • property valuations; we also scribe handwritten valuations into valuation reports
  • work performance reports
  • financial advice reports.

Scribing dictation via telephone

We accurately scribe dictation as you speak, via telephone, at normal conversation pace. We scribe what you say, as you say it then edit it slightly into the document you need. Alternatively, if you would like us to reword your dictation to produce the report in a more formal language and style, we do that for you. After the scribing consultation, we edit the draft as required to produce your reports or other documents. We submit all documents by the agreed deadline.

Transcribing pre-recorded dictation

If you have recorded your dictation onto audio files, we transcribe those recordings as required. We produce dictated correspondence or reports as either draft documents for you to edit or check yourself or as proofread documents that are guaranteed to be highly accurate. We submit all documents by the agreed deadline.

We scribe selection reports and referees’ reports via telephone across Australia. We may also scribe those reports on site if we have a scribe living near you.

We first send you a quote for transcribing your interview reports and information about our service. Upon confirmation of your booking, we ask you to email us some information so we can prepare your reports prior to the day of scribing.

We scribe referees’ reports verbatim, via telephone or on site. We scribe the referees’ comments into prepared templates then edit and submit the referees’ reports to the client. Upon request, we contact and scribe referees’ reports independently of the panel.

We scribe selection reports by transcribing the information in applications, resumes and other documents provided by the panel into the relevant sections of the selection report. If applicants are interviewed, we scribe their responses. We scribe the panels’ assessment of each applicant and comparison of applicants. After the scribing session we edit the selection report and submit it to the panel within five working days or sooner if requested.

Confidentiality is guaranteed and we offer a signed guarantee of such with every booking.

We scribe reports for businesses, companies and government departments in the following industries: financial advice; medical specialists; justice, correctional services, education, business, health, lands and planning, primary industries, local government. We scribe:

  • Selection reports
  • Referees’ reports
  • Special measures reports
  • Work performance reports
  • Reports of meetings, workshops and seminars
  • Medical and psychologist reports
  • Testimonies
  • Tender applications and other submissions.

We scribe reports and minutes either via telephone or on site (depending on your location). We either:

  • Scribe the report exactly as dictated
  • Scribe then edit the report
  • Scribe then edit and proofread the report
  • Scribe the client’s verbal comments and write a report based on that verbal information and any relevant documented information, or
  • Scribe the proceedings of a meeting, workshop or seminar then produce a report of the event.

Yes, most digital video files can be converted into audio files (which we need to do in order to transcribe them).

First we will provide you with a quote for transcribing the video recording. We then send you the instructions for sending the video file to us via our forwarding website. When you send us your video file, we will then convert it into an audio file and produce your transcript.

Whether or not your recording or the transcript of that recording will be admissible as evidence in a Court of Law will depend on various factors, therefore before we transcribe your recording you should seek legal advice to confirm that the transcript of your recording is admissible as evidence.

We recommend Proofread Transcripts (with a money-back guarantee of accuracy for audible recordings) for internal or external investigations, hearings, interviews with police or lawyers, or conversations that may be used as evidence in Court.

At the top of the transcript we include some important details about the transcript including a description of the audibility of the recording and level of accuracy of the transcript.

Proofread Transcripts

We transcribe your recording into a 1st Draft Transcript then proofread that transcript against the audio recording very carefully to produce a highly accurate Proofread Transcript (of all comments that are audible).

To be honest, nobody has asked us to transcribe a cassette recording for about four years but we still own two transcription machines for transcribing both mini-cassette and standard sized cassette recordings so if your recordings are on audio-cassettes, we may be able to help.

First we’ll provide you with a quote. We’ll then need to listen to the audio cassettes to verify the audio quality of your recordings and confirm the quote. We will submit the transcripts to you by email and return the cassettes to you either by delivery/pickup or via registered post.

Yes, as long as you can upload that recording onto your computer, so it can be sent to us.

First, please give us a call so that we can clarify what you need and how you would like to send us your audio recording, and send you a quote.Next you ‘ll need to save the recording onto your computer, or a device from which you can send me an email.

If your recording is very short (up to 10 minutes’ long) or in DSS format you can usually email it to us as an attachment to the email.

If your audio recording is more than 10 minutes’ long and not in DSS format, the file may be too large to send via email in which case you will need to send the audio file to On Time Typing via our forwarding website. Upon confirmation of your booking, we will provide you with the instructions and password to send us your audio file via this method.

Alternatively, if your audio file is too large to be attached to an email, you could copy the audio recording onto a USB stick and post it to us. However, this method takes longer and is less efficient than simply sending the audio file to us via our forwarding website.

Yes. First, you’ll need to give us a call so we can clarify what you need and how you would like to send us your audio recording, and send you a quote. Then:

  • Upload the audio recording onto your computer (by plugging the recorder into a computer and uploading the audio file)
  • If your recording is very short (up to 10 minutes long) or in DSS format, email it to us as an attachment
  • If your recording is longer and too large to be sent as an attachment to an email, you’ll need to send the audio file to us via our forwarding website. Upon confirmation of your booking, we will email you the instructions and password to send us your audio file via this method.

Alternatively, you can copy the audio file onto a USB stick and post it to us. However, this method takes longer and is less efficient than simply sending the audio file to us via our forwarding website.

We produce transcripts of one on one interviews, focus groups, meetings and dictation, for:

  • academic research
  • market research
  • internal and external investigations
  • hearings
  • litigation/evidence to be submitted at Court
  • Annual General Meetings and other meetings
  • conferences and workshops.

We transcribe dictation to produce correspondence, reports or other documents; we are experienced in transcribing dictated reports for medical, psychologist, financial and property valuation professions.

We either scribe as you speak via telephone, or on site, to produce those documents; or if you have recorded your event on audio files we will give you instructions for sending us your recordings on line then transcribe those recordings into the transcripts or documents you need.

If you need transcripts, we offer two types of transcripts depending on the level of accuracy you need:

  • Proofread Transcripts: recommended for transcripts of academic or market research interviews and focus groups, conversations, lectures and meetings, any transcripts that may be used for litigation purposes, investigations, and dictation of medical, legal and financial advice reports and correspondence. We transcribe the recording into a draft transcript; then proofread that transcript against the audio recording to fill in any gaps, correct mis-heard words and typos, research (via Google) to confirm the names of places and people, the correct spelling of specialist words, and insert punctuation for best readability.  We offer a signed Guarantee of Highly Accurate Transcripts and a Money Back Guarantee of Highly Accurate Transcripts (for audible recordings).
  • 1st Draft Transcripts: recommended for transcripts that the client intends to proofread themselves; proofreading will be required to correct any mis-spelt or misheard words  and improve punctuation. Also recommended where the audio recordings are of good audio quality and transcripts do not need to be guaranteed to be highly accurate. We transcribe the recording into a 1st Draft Transcript that is likely to contain some mistakes and missing words but will be a reasonably accurate 1st Draft Transcript. Note:  the 1st Draft Transcript service is available only for audio recordings that are clearly audible and that involve one or two speakers.

Why outsource your overflow dictation to us rather than get your typists to do it, or employ an extra typist?

  • To save money. As the needs of any business fluctuate, sometimes you won’t have enough typists or enough hours in the day to get all the typing done. If you outsource your overflow work to On Time Typing, the demands of your business will always be met and every cent spent on that typing will be well worth the money.
  • To have control over exactly what you spend. We charge ‘per audio minute’ for transcribing dictation so can always give you an exact quote for the total cost of transcribing your dictation. Also, we offer lower rates for less urgent document.
  • To get high quality transcripts every time. We guarantee our proofread transcripts and reports to be Highly Accurate – or your money back.
  • To make sure your deadlines are met. We always meet the agreed deadline;
  • Because it’s very efficient. You send us your digital audio files via our forwarding website; we receive them and transcribe them; we submit the documents to you by email.

On Time Typing has over the years earned an excellent reputation for quality, accuracy, confidentiality and reliability. Contact us for the names of relevant referees.

On Time Typing currently holds the following insurances with AON Risk Services Australia P/L
(valid until November 2018):

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public and Products Liability Insurance.

The best way to verify that we’ll do a good job is to speak to our referees. Please ask us for the contact details of a relevant referee about our services in regard to our business writing, editing, proofreading, audio transcription or other services.

The following guarantees and information are also a good indication of our reliability in providing quality services to all customers at all times:

  • On Time Typing guarantees Quality, Confidentiality and Reliability. We always meet the agreed deadline.
  • If Proofread Transcripts are requested, we offer a money-back Guarantee of Highly Accurate Transcripts, for audible recordings.
  • If 1st Draft Transcripts are requested, we produce transcripts that are of reasonable to good accuracy for audio recordings of good audio quality.
  • Our Quality Assurance process ensures that all documents are at the level of accuracy required (e.g. 1st Draft level of accuracy, or Highly Accurate).
  • We experienced in editing and proofreading policy documents, reports and publications. For our portfolio of publications see: About Us
  • We ‘bend over backwards’ to make sure clients are happy and deadlines are met and offer follow-up assistance and support to all clients.

Based on the positive feedback we continue to receive from satisfied clients, we guarantee that you will be very happy with our results.

Online transcription, scribing, editing and proofreading services:

  • Editing including structural editing, copy editing and line editing; editing policies, reports, manuals, theses and publications
  • Proof-editing and proofreading policies, reports, manuals, theses and publications
  • Audio transcription: transcribing interviews, focus groups, meetings, hearings, dictation into 1st Draft Transcripts or Proofread Transcripts. Proofread Transcripts have a money-back guarantee of accuracy (for audible recordings)
  • Scribing via telephone or on site (depending on your location): selection reports, referees’ reports, performance reports, letters and submissions
  • Scribing via telephone or on site (depending on your location: dictation (correspondence, submissions and reports)
  • Business writing and copywriting based on verbal and written information and research
  • Free advice and consultations about writing, editing and publishing
  • Copy typing handwritten or typed documents
  • Formatting and/or restructuring documents