About Us

On Time Typing

  • provides scribing, writing, editing, proofreading, transcript and self-publishing services across Australia: Melbourne and regional Victoria; Alice Springs, Darwin and Northern Territory; Sydney and New South Wales; Canberra and ACT; Hobart, Tasmania; Cairns, Brisbane and Townsville in Queensland; South Australia; and Western Australia
  • guarantees Quality, Confidentiality and Reliability
  • is Australian-owned and operated and has been a GST-registered business in Australia since 2002. ABN 24 058 673 136
  • has a team of scribes, writers and editors who are all based in Australia. For more information go to: The On Time Typing Team
  • scribing services: scribes and types reports, correspondence, resumes, minutes of meetings and transcripts of audio recordings (interviews, focus groups and medical transcription)
  • editing services: edits and proofreads reports, manuals and fiction and non-fiction publications
  • writing services:  writes reports, websites and publications
  • self-publishing services: produces publications from manuscript to printer liaison and final proofread stage
  • has voluntarily ‘opted in’ to be covered by the Privacy Act (1988) (Australia) and is included in OAIC’s Opt-In Register under section 6EA(3) of the Act
  • is registered with Industry Capability Network (ICN) as a local provider with on site capability in Northern Territory, New South Wales and Victoria
  • has current Public & Products Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance with AON Risk Services Australia P/L.

Sally-Anne Watson Kane

  • owns and operates On Time Typing (established 2002) – scribing, report writing, copy writing, editing, proofreading and self-publishing services; and Peewee Press (2003), our self-publishing business
  • is a professional editor and full member of Institute of Professional Editors Australia
  • has 20 years’ experience in audio transcription: transcripts of interviews, focus groups, investigations, hearings, parliamentary sittings
  • has 25 years’ experience in writing, editing and all aspects of self-publishing; editing fiction, non-fiction and poetry; editing websites, corporate reports, policies and manuals for both public and private sector;  producing oral history, fiction and non-fiction publications
  • has 16 years’ experience in scribing selection, procurement and referee reports, and 25 years’ experience scribing reports and minutes of meetings.

For a detailed description of Sally-Anne’s qualifications go to: Editing experience and qualifications.

For information about Sally-Anne’s work history prior to establishing On Time Typing, go to: How I became a scribe

Our other scribes, writers and editors

  • are Australian residents who work from their own home-based offices in Bendigo, Traralgon, Morwell, Moe, Warragul, Pakenham, Melbourne and Mornington in Victoria; Darwin, Northern Territory; and New South Wales
  • have signed strict confidentiality agreements with On Time Typing.

Sally-Anne’s team of scribes and editors are:

  • Claire McGregor: editing fiction and non-fiction publications; designing publications using InDesign; proofreading; consultation with clients in Melbourne. Claire is an accredited editor of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), and a full member of IPEd.
  • Sue McKinnon: copy typing; scribing reports; editing reports; minute-taking (scribing meetings); resumes; consultation with clients in Darwin and Palmerston. Sue is an associate member of IPEd.
  • Dee Sansom: scribing and minute-taking; proofreading reports, newsletters and publications; consultation with clients in Bendigo area.
  • Vani Kalase: medical transcription specialising in Radiology, Histopathology and Dentistry and other specialties; copy typing; consultation with clients in Darwin area.
  • Adele Jeremiah: medical transcription specialising in Obstetrics / Gynaecology, General Surgery and the Sleep and Respiratory area and currently training for radiology; copy typing; consultation with clients in Morwell and Gippsland.
  • Monica Butling: medical transcription specialising in
  • Dianne Becker: copy typing medical specialist reports; audio transcription; interview and focus group transcripts; resumes; consultation with clients in Bendigo and Central Victoria.
  • Ruth Mooney: copy typing publications; audio transcription; proofreading transcripts; consultation with clients in Latrobe City and Gippsland.
  • Leila Brown: copy typing; audio transcription; interview transcripts; financial advice reports and online property valuation reports (Valex proforma)
  • Rae Desmond: copy typing; audio transcription; interview and focus group transcripts.
  • Judie Burleigh: copy typing; audio transcription; proofreading transcripts.

For more detailed information about our scribes and editors, go to:  The On Time Typing Team.

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Our publications and current projects

For details of the self-published books edited and produced by Sally-Anne Watson Kane, go to: Publications

Sally-Anne regularly writes and publishes Blog and LinkedIn articles about editing, proofreading, scribing, writing; managing freelancer and sole trader businesses; and her views about books, movies and contemporary issues.

On Time Typing is currently involved in the following publications:

  • we are producing a self-published history of a football club which will be published using our Peewee Press imprint in late 2018
  • we are currently proofreading a clients’ non-fiction manuscript
  • we are currently structurally editing a manuscript prior to copy editing.

Sally-Anne has been commended by international architects Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp Pty Ltd for her article about the new library and community centre in Moe, Gippsland (Victoria): Glowing praise for ‘Because We’re Worth It’.  Latrobe City Council also used excerpts from this article in their Annual Report.  The Victorian Small Business Commission have also used excerpts from our article entitled VBSC: Saving Small Business in their Annual Report.

More views and reviews of local events and places are in the pipeline.

Our editors’ qualifications

  • Sally-Anne is a full member of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) (Australia) and Society of Editors Victoria, and a registered mentor with IPEd’s mentoring program. For a detailed description of Sally-Anne’s training and qualifications, go to: link TBA.
  • Claire is a full member of IPEd and Society of Editors Victoria. She has completed Diploma in Feature Writing (Honours) and IPEd’s Accreditation examination, and is an Accredited Editor with IPEd. She is an experienced graphic designer with extensive experience in editing and proofreading a range of fiction and non-fiction publications.
  • Sue is an associate member of IPEd and Society of Editors Victoria. She has completed Bachelor of Arts (English Literature double major) and Certificate in Editing and Proofreading and is currently undertaking Copy editing (intermediate) with Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate IV. She has extensive experience in writing and editing reports and scribing minutes of  meetings, and is an editor-in-training with On Time Typing.
  • Dee has extensive experience in scribing minutes of meetings, copy editing professional journals and newsletters and proofreading publications.

Our scribes’ qualifications

Our transcriptionists, Sally-Anne, Judie, Rae, Ruth, Vani, Dianne and Leila, have:

  • passed the On Time Typing Accurate Test: 99% accurate spelling and punctuation, broad vocabulary and highly accurate transcription
  • extensive experience in producing transcripts involving different accents and a broad range of subjects
  • signed Confidentiality Agreements with On Time Typing guaranteeing they will maintain confidentiality.

Vani has also completed Medical Transcription Training with CBAY Systems P/L and has 14 years’ experience in medical transcription.

Our on-site scribes are Sally-Anne (in Melbourne and Gippsland), Dee (in Central Victoria) and Sue (in Darwin and Palmerston).

Our on-site scribes have extensive experience scribing minutes of meeting and dictation on-site. Sally-Anne also has many years’ experience scribing selection reports, and summaries and reports of workshops and seminars. Our scribes are required to pass the On Time Typing On-site Scribing Accuracy Test. Our Quality Assurance process assures all minutes and reports are scribed as accurately as possible and presented at a high standard.


  • 2013 and 2017: On Time Typing was a finalist in the 2017 Federation Business School Gippsland Business Awards – Business and Professional and the 2013 Bendigo Bank Gippsland Business Awards, On-Line Retailing/e-Business
  • January 2016: On Time Typing ‘opted in’ to be covered by the relevant sections of the Privacy Act (1988) (Australia). Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) advised on 27/1/16, : ‘[The OAIC]… will be including your details in the Opt-In Register under s 6EA(3) of the Act. … The OAIC appreciates your commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy. Thank you for adopting the Australian Privacy Principles as your standard when handling personal information.’
  • 2002: Sally-Anne Watson Kane was awarded the Australian Government Award: ‘The Australian Government expresses its gratitude to Sally-Anne Watson for a valued contribution towards assisting developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development’. Award signed by Prime Minister John Howard and Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer.
  • 1991: Sally-Anne was awarded Certificate of Merit – 20/20 English, Year 12, and Certificate of Achievement – 20/20 English, Year 12.

On Time Typing is committed to

  • Confidentiality. We offer a signed guarantee of confidentiality to all clients. We have voluntarily ‘opted in’ to be covered by the relevant sections of the Privacy Act (1988) (Australia) and are included in OAIC’s Opt-In Register under section 6EA(3) of the Act. 
  • The ethical and culturally appropriate use, copyright and ownership of spoken, recorded and written words and images, that respects ownership rights of writers, storytellers, photographers and artists as well as those whose images have been filmed or photographed
  • Sharing information with writers and editors. We offer a free initial consultation in regard to writing, editing, proofreading, oral histories, self-publishing, freelancing and business management
  • Professional development: we attend webinars and courses around writing and editing. We publish regular blog articles and participate in discussions within our professional editors’ network, Secret Editors’ Business
  • Supporting Australian-owned businesses and companies. Wherever possible, we purchase our software, hardware and services from Australian providers and retail outlets
  • Adherence to the On Time Typing Green Policy: recycling paper, using only recycled and wheat-pulp paper, using locally-made equipment and services where possible, and using solar power.


On Time Typing is proud to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Australia and we pay our respects to the Elders of this land, past and present. In particular, we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the countries where our typists and editors are based: Gunaikurnai (Gippsland), Woi Wurrung/Wurundjeri (Melbourne), Boon Wurrung/Bunurong (Mornington Peninsular), Dja Dja Warrung (Bendigo), and Larrakia (Darwin area).

Sally-Anne Watson Kane is the copyright owner of all photographs in this website.

Sally-Anne Watson Kane would like to thank:

  • Darwin Web Design (Northern Territory) for designing our website and providing ongoing redevelopment and technical support
  • Gibson Accounting (Traralgon, Victoria) for accounting services
  • Penny Baird (IPA) of Bluegum Bookkeeping (Bendigo, Victoria) for book-keeping services and support: [email protected]
  • My husband, DK, for creating the logo image (peewee/mudlark) for the On Time Typing and Peewee Press logo (Trademarked 2002) and for contributing photographs for our website and blog articles
  • Veronica Pereira for her assistance in producing Buibere – Voice of East Timorese Women, Volume 1 and Buibere – Lian Feto Loro Sa’e Nian volum 2, and ongoing assistance, support and collaboration in projects
  • Our dedicated team of scribes, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers and transcriptionists – Ruth, Leila, Rae, Judie, Dianne, Dee, Claire, Sue and Vani.