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On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading

  • is Australian-owned and operated (since 2002), GST-registered, ABN 24 058 673 136.
  • also trades as On Time Typing Books and Life Stories, and On Time Typing.
  • provides scribing, writing, editing, proofreading, transcript and self-publishing services across Australia: Victoria; Northern Territory; Queensland; New South Wales; South Australia; ACT;  Tasmania; and Western Australia.
  • specialises in producing memoirs or documented stories that involve: (1) First Nations and neurodivergent storytellers; (2) NDIS participants; (3) traumatic experiences; and (4) poetry. We welcome storytellers of all abilities, backgrounds and levels of English.
  • is a team of typists, scribes, writers, editors and graphic designers based in Australia: Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, ACT and Northern Territory. See details here.
  • scribing (typing as you speak) and audio transcription:  scribing-as-you-speak: memoirs, life stories, reports, correspondence, minutes of meetings. Producing transcripts of audio recordings (interviews, focus groups).
  • writing(including writing in the voice of the storyteller): writing or scribing life stories, autobiographies, memoirs and other non-fiction including reports. Writing articles, blogs, series of articles, website content. Coaching in writing.
  • typing manuscripts and other: copy typing handwritten or typed manuscripts, submissions, capturing data (Excel), and other documentation.
  • editing and proof reading: editing and proofreading reports, policies and publications (poetry, fiction, non-fiction including memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, histories, academic). Developmental or structural editing, and copy editing. Proofreading in Word, PDF and InDesign.
  • structural reviews and manuscript assessments: manuscripts of fiction (novels), non-fiction (memoirs, histories, academic), and poetry books.
  • graphic design/digital illustration: designing and formatting publications and reports, using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and other programs.
  • self-publishing services: producing publications from spoken word, or handwritten manuscript, through to printed, self-published book. Includes typing manuscripts, scribing/writing as you speak, editing, compiling, typesetting (graphic design), cover design, proofreading, printer liaison.

We guarantee Quality, Confidentiality and Reliability. We have voluntarily ‘opted in’ to be covered by the Privacy Act (1988) (Australia) and are included in OAIC’s Opt-In Register under section 6EA(3) of the Act.

We are registered with Industry Capability Network (ICN) in NT, NSW and VIC and have a longterm team of contractors in NT, QLD, SA, ACT and VIC.

We work with most of our clients remotely, via email, Zoom, telephone, Google meets, Teams and other platforms. We also meet face to face with our clients in or near the locations where our scribes, typists, editors or writers live.

On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading respectfully acknowledges the Braiakaulung Traditional Custodians of the Gunaikurnai nation on whose land Sally-Anne (owner/operator) lives and works and where our main office is based, and all Traditional Custodians and Elders in the unceded lands of  Australia. We pay our respects to the Elders, past, present and emerging, and all First Nations people of Australia. We recognise the value of their historical and ongoing cultural and spiritual connections with Country, and their generous sharing of knowledges with the Australian community. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

Sally-Anne Watson Kane

  • owns and operates On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading (previously known as On Time Typing) – scribing, report writing, copy writing, editing, proof reading and self-publishing services
  • established On Time Typing in 2002 in Darwin NT; is now based in Gippsland VIC; has a team of scribes, editors and typists in VIC, SA, NT, ACT and QLD
  • has 28 years’ experience in scribing, consulting with and working with people who are neurodivergent, have disabilities, are from diverse backgrounds or  educational levels, and/or are First Nations people or people of colour.
  • has 3 years’ experience working with/for NDIS participants, providing support services that include typing, scribing, coaching in writing/self-editing, editing.
  • has 30 years’ experience in editing and self-publishing for/with clients from diverse backgrounds; writing and editing fiction, non-fiction and poetry; editing websites, corporate reports and policies; producing oral history, fiction and non-fiction publications
  • has 30 years’ experience scribing and writing reports, and has regularly scribed selection and referee reports since 2002
  • has 30 years’ experience in audio transcription: accurate transcripts of interviews, focus groups, investigations, hearings, parliamentary sittings.

Sally-Anne’s memberships and voluntary roles include:

For more information about Sally-Anne’s experience and qualifications, go to: editing experience;   publications;  professional development and awards.

Our typists, scribes, editors and graphic designers

  • are Sally-Anne, Claire, Christina, Christine, Meg, Natalie,  Teresa,  Danikka, Kellie, Kyle, Jarrah, Kyla-Jayne, Peter, Annette.
  • are all Australian residents who work as contractors from their home-based offices in Melbourne, Bendigo and Moe, Victoria; Darwin, Northern Territory;  Adelaide, South Australia; Canberra, ACT; Katoomba in New South Wales; and Toowoomba and Cairns in Queensland.
  • have all signed strict confidentiality agreements with On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading.

For more detailed information about our team members, go to: The On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading Team.

Our experience

editing and graphic design/illustration

For details of our editors, including their qualifications and experience in editing, go to: Our editors.

For our designers’ qualifications and experience in graphic design, formatting and image creation and/or editing, go to: Our graphic designers.


For details of our typists, including their qualifications and experience, go to: Our typists and audio transcriptionists.

scribing as you speak, and minute-taking

Our scribes and minute-takers have extensive experience in scribing. Our verbatim scribes are required to pass the On Time Scribing Accuracy TestMinutes and reports are edited to a high standard. We scribe via telephone, Zoom and other platforms, across Australia. Our on-site scribes are based in Gippsland (VIC), Cairns (QLD), Toowoomba (QLD), and Alice Springs (NT).

For details of our scribes, including their qualifications, experience and locations, go to: Our scribes

Our publications

Some of the books we have produced are above. To see all the books Sally-Anne has produced,  go to: Our publications.

Publications in progress: We are currently working on an oral history publication, editing a memoir based in remote NT, and Sally-Anne and two other poets are currently finalising their first poetry book.

Sally-Anne writes and publishes articles for LinkedIn,  Gippsland Business Connect  and our Blog about editing, proof reading, scribing, writing, transcripts, blogging, memoir, self-publishing and other topics.

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Our commitment

  • We practice and advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the publishing industry (authors, editors, publishers). We will treat you with respect, and display integrity, honesty and reliability, regardless of your background, attributes or situation. We will continue to encourage, assist and promote the writing, editing and publication of  books by people who are First Australians,   are culturally and linguistically diverse, and are neurodivergent or who have  disabilities
  • We offer a signed guarantee of Confidentiality. We have voluntarily ‘opted in’ to be covered by section 6EA(3) of the Privacy Act (1988) (Australia) and are included in OAIC’s Opt-In Register for that Act
  • Our team of typists, scribes, transcriptionists, editors and designers (all contractors living in Australia) includes people with disabilities and a First Nations person. We continue to encourage people from diverse backgrounds and with disabilities to join our team. We treat all contractors fairly.
  • We will comply with On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading’s Code of Ethics which covers ethical, diversity, environmental and other issues. As  professional members of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), our editors are committed to IPEd’s Code of Ethics. A full member of Life Stories Australia (LSA), owner/operator Sally-Anne Watson Kane is also committed to LSA’s Code of Ethics, and as a full member of Oral History Australia (Victoria),  committed to ethical practice and learning more about oral history best practice.


On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading acknowledges the First Nations peoples of Australia and, in particular, the Braiakaulung Traditional Elders of the Gunaikurnai nation, on whose land our main office is based. We pay our respects to the Elders of this land, past and present, and all First Nations people of Australia, whose lands have never been ceded. We also particularly acknowledge the First Nations Traditional Elders of the countries where our other typists, scribes, editors and designers are based: Woi Wurrung/Wurundjeri (Melbourne VIC), Dja Dja Warrung (Bendigo VIC), Tjapukai (Cairns, QLD), Ngunnawal (ACT), Jagera, Giabal and Jarowair (Toowoomba QLD), and Larrakia (Darwin NT).

Sally-Anne Watson Kane is the author and copyright owner of all written content in this website, including the blog, excluding annotated quotations.

All the images in this website, excluding the blog, have been captured by either Darren Kane or Sally-Anne Watson Kane. Sally-Anne is the copyright owner of all the images on this website, excluding many images used in the blog. 

The black-and-white-bird logo was designed and produced by Darren Kane. This image is a mudlark/peewee. This image and our original business name ‘On Time Typing’ has been trademarked under the name of Sally-Anne Watson Kane, who owns all Intellectual Property rights, since 2002.

Sally-Anne Watson Kane sincerely thanks:

  • Darren Kane for contributing photographs for our website and blog; and for creating the black-and-white-bird image (peewee/mudlark)
  • Tony Cosentino, The WordPress Guy, for website maintenance and IT support
  • Simple Pages for designing and maintaining our website 2003-2021
  • Gibson Accounting for accounting services
  • Bluegum Bookkeeping for book-keeping and BAS support
  • Veronica Pereira for her assistance in producing Buibere – Voice of East Timorese Women, Volume 1 and Buibere – Lian Feto Loro Sa’e Nian volum 2, and for her ongoing assistance and collaboration in oral history projects
  • Our dedicated team of typists, scribes, coaches, editors and graphic designers, all listed here.