Audio Transcription, Copy Typing

We produce accurate transcripts of recordings of:

  • Interviews, focus groups, meetings, seminars, forums, workshops, investigations, hearings, telephone discussions
  • Life stories and oral histories
  • Dictation, including medical specialist reports.

We offer a free consultation and quote; a Signed Guarantee of Confidentiality; and a Signed Guarantee of Accuracy for Proofread Transcripts.

If you need your documents copy typed, go to: Copy typing, data input

If you need some transcripts of your audio recordings, see below.

Shop local in Australia

Especially during and post-COVID-19, we encourage Australians to ‘shop local’ rather than hiring overseas transcription companies. We are an all-Australian business. When we produce your transcripts, your money stays in Australia.

If we have a team member who lives near you, we may arrange to meet you. Otherwise, we will communicate with you via email, telephone or Zoom/other. For more information, go to Staying safe in a COVID-19 world.

We offer two types of transcripts

  • 1st Draft Transcripts
  • Proofread Transcripts

1st Draft Transcripts

  • Available for clearly audible recordings with up to two speakers; e.g. dictation, lectures, interviews, discussions, life stories, oral histories
  • We recommend 1st Draft Transcripts if: 1) you’re on a tight budget, 2) you don’t need the transcripts to be perfectly accurate, or 3) you intend to proofread the transcripts yourself
  • This verbatim transcript will be reasonably accurate but will contain occasional misheard words and may not be well punctuated

Proofread Transcripts

  • Available for any recordings and any number of speakers; e.g. dictation, one on one interviews, focus groups, meetings, investigations, hearings
  • We recommend Proofread Transcripts if: 1) you need highly accurate transcripts, or 2) there are three or more speakers in the recordings
  • We transcribe the recording into a draft transcript then correct carefully proofread the draft against the recording to ensure it is highly accurate
  • During the proofreading stage, we correct misheard words, research online to correct the spelling of acronyms and specialist words, and insert punctuation to produce an easy-to-read transcript
  • We guarantee that this transcript will be highly accurate (as long as the recording is audible). *

‘Highly Accurate’ benchmark: 98% accuracy for audible recordings

We transcribe

One on one interviews

Interviews or discussions: we produce transcripts for academic research, market research,  life stories, oral histories, investigations, use in legal matters, performance management reporting, recruitment selection reporting.

Focus groups and meetings

Focus groups, group discussions and meetings: we produce transcripts or minutes for academic research, market research, investigations,  use in legal matters, conferences, workshops, forums, seminars, committee or council meetings, annual general meetings, public or private hearings.

Medical transcription and other dictation

Medical transcription: we have many years’ experience in producing accurate reports in areas including Psychology, Forensic Psychiatry, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Radiology, Histopathology, Dentistry, General Surgery, Sleep and Respiratory, and Orthapaedics.

Other dictation: we produce transcripts or reports for individuals, consultants, medical specialists, businesses and companies in relation to legal matters, financial advice, marketing, media captioning  and property valuation.

What we will do for you

  • Email you a free quote for producing the type of transcripts you need
  • send you our forwarding website details so you can send us your audio files or, if requested, log in to your system to download recordings
  • upon request, email you a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality
  • upon request, email you a signed Guarantee of Accuracy (for Proofread Transcripts of audible recordings)
  • transcribe your recordings into the type of transcripts you have requested
  • send an invoice reflecting the quoted rates and exact number of recorded minutes transcribed
  • submit your transcripts by the agreed deadline.

Additional information

Our transcriptionists, and our clients

Our transcriptionists all live in Australia, and have signed Confidentiality Agreements with On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading. For information go to: Our audio transcriptionists.

For information about our clients, go to: Audio transcription – our clients.

Transcript presentation

For information about how we present our transcripts, go to: On Time transcript presentation.

Our software

  • Our audio transcription software is Olympus DSS Player Pro. Our scribes also  use ExpressScribe and FTR
  • We produce transcripts and reports using Microsoft Office 365
  • After you have confirmed your booking, we ask you to upload your audio files using our forwarding website. We download your recordings and delete the files from the site, maintaining confidentiality. Alternatively, you can send a small audio file attached to an email, send us a link to download your audio files from your own website, or give or send us the audio file on a USB.
  • We use Switch and other conversion software to convert video recordings into audio files suitable for audio transcription. Note: converting an audio or video file into another type of file, or compressing the files, may slightly reduce the audio quality of your recordings.

If your recording is of poor quality

If your recording is of poor audio quality (i.e. only partially audible or difficult to hear) and you need an accurate transcript:

  • We first listen to the audio recording and advise you whether the audibility is ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ and the total charge for producing the transcript
  • If the audibility is ‘poor’, we will transcribe then proofread the transcript against the audio more slowly and carefully than usual and produce a transcript that is as accurate as possible given the poor audibility
  • If the audibility is ‘very poor’ (i.e. very hard to hear), we transcribe then proofread the transcript against the audio even more slowly to improve the accuracy of the transcript; and if we think it will improve the accuracy, we go through it a third time against the audio recording to ‘fill in the gaps’.

If the recording takes longer than usual to transcribe because of poor audio quality, we will advise you of the extra charges before proceeding.

If your recording involves strong accents

We guarantee that Proofread Transcripts of recordings involving strong accents will be as accurate as possible, given the accents involved and audibility issues.

We have many years of experience transcribing recordings of events involving speakers whose first language is not English, including:

  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, from remote areas in Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia
  • Timor Leste, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, and various countries in Africa, Europe and Scandinavia.

We are also experienced in medical transcription involving speakers from various  backgrounds who have very strong accents.

If the recording takes longer than usual to transcribe because of strong accents or the person speaking in a mixture of their own language and English,  or if you would like us to edit the transcript to improve its readability, we will advise you of the extra charges before proceeding.


  • Free initial consultation and quote
  • We charge a booking fee plus a ‘per audio minute’ rate that depends on the number of audio minutes that need to be transcribed; type of transcripts (1st Draft or Proofread Transcripts); number of speakers; whether there are any strong accents or poor audibility; and the deadline.
  • If you know how many minutes of recordings you need transcribed and provide us with a few details, we can tell you exactly your transcripts will cost.
  • If you are not sure how many audio minutes or hours of audio recordings or transcripts you will need, we can send you a General Quote.

Call us any time for chat or free consultation and quote: 0419 337824.