Scribing reports, copy typing, producing transcripts,

For assistance with scribing and writing reports: go to Scribing reports.

For assistance with typing handwritten or typed documents: go to Copytyping.

For audio transcription services: see below.

We produce accurate transcripts of recordings:

  • Interviews, investigations, oral histories
  • Focus groups, hearings, meetings, seminars, forums, workshops, discussions
  • Dictation including reports, case notes, lectures

Producing accurate transcripts

  • Free consultation and quote. Signed Guarantee of Confidentiality.
  • Highly accurate verbatim transcripts.
  • Transcripts of dictation, lectures, interviews, focus groups, discussions, life stories, oral histories.
  • Our team of transcriptionist live in Australia, have signed strict Confidentiality Agreements with us, and are listed here.
  • Unless otherwise requested, we use our own templates and style sheets. We punctuate transcripts for easiest readability.
  • Where transcripts may be used for investigative or litigation purposes, we proofread those transcripts and include a guarantee of best accuracy.

One on one interviews and oral histories

We transcribe recorded interviews or discussions and produce: a) transcripts of academic research, market research, investigations, b) performance management reports, c) oral history transcripts (for editing and/or publication).

Focus groups and meetings

We transcribe recorded focus groups, group discussions and meetings and produce transcripts or minutes for: a) academic research, market research, investigations, b) conferences, workshops, forums, seminars, c) committee, board and or council meetings; annual general meetings, d) public or private hearings.


We transcribe recordings of dictation (financial advisors, psychologists, other advisors), and produce transcripts or reports, as required.

Would you like a quote for your transcripts?

Contact us here to request a quote via phone or online. You will need to tell us  approximately how many audio minutes are to be transcribed, the number of speakers in the recording/s, and your preferred timeline.

We will then:

  1. email you a free quote for your transcripts. Upon request, email you a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality.
  2. if you wish to proceed,  send you our forwarding website details so you can send us your audio or video files. Or, if you like, you can send us your files via your own method/link for us to download.
  3. transcribe your recordings; and send an invoice reflecting the quoted rates for the number of recorded audio  minutes transcribed.
  4. submit your transcripts by the agreed deadline.

Additional Information

Audio transcription – our diverse clients.

On Time transcripts – presentation.

Our software

  • Our audio transcription software is Olympus DSS Player Pro. We produce transcripts using Microsoft Word. 
  • After you have confirmed your booking, we ask you to upload your audio files using our forwarding website. We download your recordings and delete the files from the site, maintaining confidentiality. Alternatively, you can send a small audio file attached to an email, send us a link to download your audio files, or give or send us the audio file on a USB.
  • We use Switch and other conversion software to convert video recordings into audio files suitable for audio transcription.

If your recording involves very strong accents or poor audibility

We have many years of experience transcribing recordings involving speakers whose first language is not English, including a) Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, from remote areas in Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, and the Torres Strait Islands; and b) people from Timor Leste, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, and various countries in Africa, Europe and Scandinavia.

Sometimes the accents in a recording are quite strong or speakers use a mixture of their own language and English. In those cases, we will speak to you about those audibility, accuracy and language issues, before proceeding.

If your recording is of poor audio quality (i.e. not clearly audible) and you need an accurate transcript, we will need to proofread your transcript again to produce a transcript that is as accurate as possible.

Note that perfect accuracy is not possible where the audibility is poor  in places. In that case, we can only produce a transcript that is “as accurate as any transcriptionist can achieve, given the inferior audibility”.


  • Free consultation and quote
  • We charge a booking fee plus a ‘per audio minute’ rate that depends on the number of audio minutes to be transcribed; number of speakers; whether there are any strong accents or poor audibility; and the deadline. If you know these details, we can tell you exactly how much your transcripts will cost.
  • If you are not sure how many audio minutes or hours of audio recordings or transcripts you will need, we will send you our General Quote for transcripts.

Call any time for a chat or free consultation and quote: Contact us.