On Time Typing Transcripts: presentation

Our 1st Draft Transcripts and Proofread Transcripts are presented as follows:

  • Transcripts are named to reflect the name of the recording
  • Transcription (including spelling) is in the Australian style
  • Transcripts have an information section at the top of the page with the names of participants, audio quality and level of accuracy of the transcript
  • Transcripts are ‘verbatim’. They reflect all the recorded words as well as most sounds, e.g. (laughs) or (coughs), if relevant to the transcript. Unless requested otherwise, irrelevant comments such as ‘you know’ or ‘Mmm’ may be excluded
  • 1st Draft Transcripts have not been proofread therefore the punctuation may not always be correct and there may be occasional errors
  • Proofread Transcripts are edited to delete unnecessary (irrelevant) comments, if required ensure all sounds and half-words are included, and utilise punctuation that ensures the text as reader-friendly as possible
  • Medical transcription: clients can either provide their own templates or we can create the templates
  • If our clients have a preferred format or style for their transcripts, we are flexible in meeting those requirements.

For more information about audio transcription, go to:

Photograph: Darren Kane. Copyright image: Sally-Anne Watson Kane 

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