Graphic design, typing manuscripts, data input

On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading offers the following services:

  • Free consultation and quote, and signed guarantee of confidentiality.
  • If we have a team member who lives near you, we may arrange to meet you face to face. Otherwise, we will consult with you via email, telephone and/or Zoom/other online.
  • Graphic design, typesetting and formatting: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint. Formatting in Word (Word Styles, Table of Contents etc). See details below.
  • Typing: Copy typing handwritten, typed and PDF documents. Typing manuscripts. Typing data (data capture) into Excel/Access; creating spreadsheets. Typing reports, testimonies, life stories, memoirs. See details below.

Graphic design, typesetting and formatting

  • Designing publication inside pages (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir) in InDesign and submitting as per printer specifications
  • Designing publication cover in InDesign as per printer specifications
  • Designing reports, brochures, newsletters, manuals, in Word or Indesign
  • Submitting designed reports/publications in PDF or InDesign
  • Designing PowerPoint presentations
  • Creating Word Style templates for reports and publications
  • Creating Table of Contents, footnotes, tables, images, diagrams etc. for reports and publications; trouble-shooting to repair formatting errors
  • Editing photographs and images, using Photoshop  or Illustrator
  • Converting documents into other formats (e.g. InDesign or Word to PDF; PDF documents to Word).

Our definition of graphic design: designing publications, reports or other documents using InDesign (bringing together text and images), Photoshop (involving pixels at a set resolution), or Illustrator (descriptions [Vectors], resolution-independent).

How we will design, typeset or format your document

  • Free consultation and quote: we will clarify what you need – design only, or design and editing or proofreading – and your timeline. We will provide you with a free quote.
  • When you accept the quote, we will complete the requested task and submit the completed document/s to you by the agreed deadline.

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  • Copy typing* handwritten and typed manuscripts (for publications)
  • Copy typing handwritten correspondence, statements, case notes, workshop notes, manuscripts, reports, submissions
  • Copy typing handwritten corrections into hardcopy documents (e.g. manuscripts)
  • Copy typing handwritten workshop notes (butcher’s paper or PDF documents)
  • Typing data (‘data input’) into Excel, Access and other, creating spreadsheets
  • Copy typing hard copy publications that need to be retyped ‘as is’ or retyped ‘with corrections’ for a new edition
  • Typing PDF typed documents into Word documents, if they cannot be converted successfully into Word.

Our definition of ‘copy typing’: typing handwritten or typed text into a new document that may include headings, dot points and tables. No advanced formatting. Spelling errors and punctuation may be corrected as we type.

How we will type your document

  • Free consultation: we will clarify what you need and your timeline. We will provide you with a quote.
  • We specialise in typing manuscripts. If needed we will correct spelling errors and punctuation as we go (although we do not attempt to do any ‘editing’ while typing a manuscript). If needed we will create headings and a Table of Contents (TOC) for your manuscript and link the headings to the TOC. (This will make it easier for someone to then edit or proofread the manuscript.)
  • If you need a PDF document typed, we will review the document to see whether it can be converted, or whether it needs to be typed.
  • When you accept the quote, we will type the document as per agreed tasks.
  • If your original document is handwritten, or typed with handwritten corrections, we may consult with you to clarify indecipherable words and/or editing symbols, before completing the task and submitting the document.

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Additional information

Our team

All our typists, scribes, designers and editors live in Australia: in Melbourne, Bendigo, Gippsland (servicing Traralgon, Sale, Warragul) and Mornington in Victoria; Alice Springs and Darwin in Northern Territory; Cairns and Toowoomba in Queensland; and Adelaide in South Australia. For detailed information about our team, go to: The On Time Typing Team.

Free consultation

Sally-Anne Watson Kane, owner/operator of On Time Typing, offers an initial consultation where she shares information about:

  • writing and self-editing fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • editing and proofreading fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • design options for your manuscript or self-published book
  • self-publishing and other publishing options
  • writers’ and editors’ industry groups, organisations, online networks.


  • Call us for a free initial consultation and quote: Contact us.
  • Services are charged at an hourly rate, or a fixed quote that is based on our hourly rates. We will not commence until you have accepted the quote
  • We will submit a Tax Invoice and request payment either before commencing work or before submitting your documents.