Typing manuscripts and reports – across Australia

  • Free consultation and quote, and signed guarantee of confidentiality.
  • Copy typing handwritten or typed documents – reports or manuscripts.
  • Typing PDF documents/typed pages that cannot be converted to Word.
  • Converting PDF documents into Word documents, ready for checking
  • Checking/proofreading converted documents against the original and correcting errors (introduced by the conversion)
  • Copy typing including correcting spelling errors “as we go”.
  • Typing data (i.e. data capture) into Excel or Access formats
  • Create spreadsheets according to client instructions

Note: if you need your document designed or reformatted, go to: Graphic design or  Formatting in Word

Scroll down if you need your PDFs or handwritten documents typed.

Typing manuscripts, reports and other documents

  • Our definition of “copy typing” or “typing”: accurately typing handwritten or typed text into a new document that may include headings, dot points and tables, but not advanced formatting. We may (if requested) correct spelling errors, as we type. Our accuracy is guaranteed to be at least 98%.
  • We copy type handwritten and typed/PDF documents
  • We type manuscripts, intended for editing, design and publication. Correspondence, statements, case notes, reports. Handwritten workshop notes (butcher’s paper or PDF documents)
  • We capture data (type data) into Excel, Access and other formats, creating spreadsheets when required
  • We type, into Word documents, your handwritten corrections on either hardcopy documents or PDF documents
  • We can either type exactly ‘as is’, or we can type the document with corrections of spelling where we notice it, as we typed – noting however that our typists will not be doing any editing outside spelling corrections
  • We test whether a scanned PDF document can be converted into an accurate (error-free, or almost error-free) Word document. Note: Documents that have been ‘saved as a PDF’ can be converted into a typed Word document. Typed documents that have been manually scanned and saved as a PDF document need to be tested to see the level of accuracy in a converted Word document.

How we will work out what you need, and type your document

  • Free consultation: we will clarify what you need and your timeline. We will provide you with a quote.
  • We specialise in typing manuscripts. We also type reports, copytyping printed, typed documents or handwritten documents.
  • If your original document is handwritten, or typed with handwritten corrections, we may consult with you to clarify indecipherable words and/or editing symbols, before completing the task and submitting the document
  • If requested, we will correct spelling errors as we go (although we do not attempt to do any other ‘editing’ while typing a manuscript).
  • If requested, we will create headings using Word Styles, and a Table of Contents (TOC), within your manuscript, so all the headings are linked to the TOC. (This will make the next stages of editing the manuscript easier.) Strictly speaking, this is “formatting” – for more information, go to: Formatting in Word.
  • If you need a PDF document typed, we will first review the document to see whether it can be converted, or whether it needs to be typed. If it can be converted with few resulting errors, we advise you of this and you will save the money you would have spent on typing
  • When you accept the quote, we will type the document as per the agreement

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Additional information

Our team

Sally-Anne and her team all live in Australia, including Melbourne, Bendigo, Gippsland (servicing Traralgon, Sale, Warragul and East Gippsland) and Mornington in Victoria; Darwin in the Northern Territory; Cairns and Toowoomba in Queensland; Katoomba in New South Wales; and Adelaide in South Australia.

For the details of all our current typists, go to: Our typists and transcriptionists

For the details of all our typists, editors and designers, go to: The On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading Team.

Free consultation

Sally-Anne Watson Kane, owner/operator of On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading, and On Time Typing Books and Life Stories, offers a free initial consultation where she shares information about what she can offer you in terms of either converting your PDF document to Word, or typing  your document, and an estimate for those tasks.


  • Call us for a free initial consultation and quote: Contact us.
  • Copy typing PDF or typed documents is based on a per-typed word rate. Copy typing handwritten documents is based on either an hourly rate, or a per-typed word rate, depending on how legible the handwriting is.
  • We will not commence until you have accepted our quote
  • We will submit a Tax Invoice and request payment before submitting your documents.