Formatting documents (in Word) – our services

The sort of formatting we do includes: formatting publications, reports or other documents in Word, such as manuscripts (for publications). Formatting may include the insertion of images, tables or images; creating or reformatting tables, dot points or other items; tagging the document; and other layouts.

Formatting a Word document

  • We format manuscripts/reports in Word (using Word Styles, Table of Contents etc.) in collaboration with you to meet your needs and expectations.
  • We can format or reformat reports, brochures etc. in Word. Note: we will advise you if we believe InDesign would be more appropriate for the task.
  • We create or reformat: Word Style templates and Table of Contents for reports, manuscripts or other documents. Sometimes this needs to be done as part of a structural edit; other times, only simply Styles changes are needed.
  • We create or reformat: footnotes, tables, images, diagrams etc. within reports or manuscripts.
  • Some tasks that are needed within a manuscript prior to the manuscript being copy edited may be loosely called “formatting”; e.g. (a) tagging photos (i.e. inserting notes to the designer with the file name of the image that the client wants inserted into that place, by the designer, later on); (b) inserting headers or footers, footnotes or endnotes, or other items to the manuscript that need to be finalised prior to the manuscript being copy edited.
  • We can “trouble-shoot” documents with formatting glitches/problems and recommend either repairing the errors – or (if the errors are complex) creating a new document that is correctly formatted, and copy the material over.
  • We convert documents into other formats; e.g. we can convert PDF documents to Word where possible, or if the conversion is not possible (due to technical reasons) we advise you of this.
  • Note that if a document has been reformatted it will require a copy edit to ensure the content in the document is error-free.

Formatting in Word: our process

  • Free consultation and quote. We will clarify what you need – e.g. formatting only, or editing or proofreading as well, or a specific task that falls into the category of formatting. We will advise you whether we can meet your timeline. We will provide you with a  quote.
  • Once you have accepted the quote, we will complete the requested task and submit the completed document/s to you by the agreed deadline.

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