Our approach to coaching our clients in writing and self-editing

Our approach to coaching clients in writing and self-editing depends on each  writer’s goals and support needs, but in general our approach is as follows.

Our approach to coaching

First we work out your (the writer’s) goals. Then we work out the best approach to guide and support you to meet those goals.

We are nurturing and honest when working with all our clients, sensitive to their needs and committed to helping them grow and reach their goals.

We coach, support and guide our clients in writing or self-editing their novel, short stories, poetry, memoir, articles or non-fiction writing. Our editor coaches work with them in a collaborative way to improve, expand on and enhance their story, while always ensuring they retain their own original voice and full ownership of their work.

Our specific goals and tasks when coaching you

We can work with and support our clients in being motivated to continue writing original material, organising their project or self-editing their stories, articles,  manuscripts or other documents. We can coach you in the aspect of writing they need to improve to meet their goals. We can teach you about structural editing, syntax and punctuation.

We can review your work and give you guidance or suggestions via Track Changes, email, Zoom, phone or other methods.

We can work with you regularly (once a week or fortnight) or only every now and then, depending on your needs and wishes. We only charge you for the actual hours of coaching work we do for you. 

If you cannot type or use a computer, a scribe-coach can type while you speak to document your story, prior to the self-editing stage. Our coaches can then work with you verbally and via Zoom to assist you to self-edit your writing. 

Our coaching support specifically for NDIS participants

Many of our clients are NDIS participants, neurodivergent, and/or have  disabilities that make it difficult for them to write, stay focused on their writing or continue to be motivated to continue their writing project/written work.

Our clients include people who are autistic and/or have OCD, ADHD,  schizophrenia, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, dyslexia, short-term memory loss, intellectual disabilities, and other disabilities and conditions.

We have coached and continue to successfully coach and collaborate with our disabled and neurodivergent clients to enable them to:

  • speak their stories/content and we document that content for them
  • decide the genre and audience for their story/written work
  • learn to write in a more detailed or personal or engaging way, and learn to self-edit to add details or engaging content and clarify what they mean
  • self-edit their writing in terms of grammar, syntax and punctuation, for clarity
  • stay or become more motivated to continue writing or working on their project
  • become better communicators in written form and (if applicable) verbally
  • improve their writing in general and their particular piece of writing or story specifically, and improve their ability to self-edit and edit their writing
  • continue to work towards their short-term and longer-term goals.

We do not charge NDIS participants for the initial stages of working out your specific needs and goals or for collaborating with you to meet with the coach from our team who best matches your needs and goals. We also do not charge for working out which NDIS item applies to the coaching support or writing the service agreement for you.

If you agree to the service agreement then the coaching commences and we start charging you for the actual hours of coaching provided. 

Our coaches

Our small coaching team is diverse in terms of gender (LGBTQI+), neurodiversity, disabledness, and ethnicity. Our editor coaches are qualified editors and professional members of IPEd who are experienced in editing a range of genres, and can coach you in professional writing and self-editing.

Sally-Anne Watson Kane is the supervisor and coordinator of our coaching team, and all the coaches report to her. When you contact Sally-Anne to say you need a coach, she will spend some time working out your specific needs, wishes and goals, and choose the coach on our team who she thinks is the best match. She then brings you and the coach together in a Zoom meeting to see whether or not you and that coach “click” and want to work together.

All the coaches on our team live in Australia, have signed a confidentiality agreement with us, and are listed and described here.

Contact us about our coaching support or rates  here.

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