How to write and edit an ATS-friendly resume

What is ATS?  It's important nowadays to submit a resume that will be noticed by ATS. ATS is the acronym for 'Applicant Tracking Systems' which are some of the software programs used by hiri...

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Comparing: “traditional publisher”, “self-publishing services”, “hybrid publisher”, “vanity publisher” & “indie publisher”

What's the difference between a "publisher", "self-publishing services provider", "hybrid publisher", "indie publisher", and "vanity publisher"? Firstly, the first four models - publishing, self...

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Poet bios – Sally-Anne Watson Kane, Seamus Foley and Delia Tobin

Among the Wildflowers (2023) is a self-published compilation of poems by three poets: Sally-Anne Watson Kane, Seamus Foley and Delia Tobin. Delia, Seamus and Sally-Anne acknowledge all First Nat...

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