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We scribe while you speak, via telephone or Zoom. We transcribe audio recordings into minutes, reports or transcripts. We edit, proofread and design publications – fiction, non-fiction, poetry.  We compile and produce self-published books – memoirs, life stories, local histories, anthologies, oral histories and poetry. Our typists, writers, editors, proofreaders, designers and transcriptionists all live in Australia – in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory. We offer a free consultation and quote, and a signed ‘Guarantee of Confidentiality.’

Accurate audio transcription

1st Draft Transcripts or Proofread Transcripts: interviews, focus groups, hearings, dictation, investigations, telephone discussions. Signed 'Guarantee of Accuracy' for Proofread Transcripts. Our typists and transcriptionists live in VIC, SA, NSW, QLD, NT.


Scribing and writing publications, reports

Scribing and writing publications and reports. We scribe while you speak, via telephone or Zoom. We scribe and write life stories, memoirs, minutes of meetings, submissions, selection panel recruitment reports. Our scribes live in VIC, NSW, QLD.


Editing, proofreading, self-publishing

Editing publications - life stories, memoir, poetry, history, academic, novels. Editing reports. Structural editing. Copy editing. Proofreading. Self-publishing services. Beta reading. Manuscript assessment. Graphic design. Typing. Our typists, editors and designers live in VIC, NSW, SA, NT and QLD.


On Time Typing holds Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public and Products Liability Insurance

Protecting Your Privacy

We are highly experienced in dealing with sensitive material and maintaining strict confidentiality. Our typists, scribes and editors live in Australia and have signed our Confidentiality Agreement. We are bound to comply with the Privacy Act (1988) of Australia. We offer all clients a Signed Guarantee of Confidentiality.

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Signed Guarantee of Confidentiality – Signed Guarantee of Highly Accurate Transcripts

Our editors are members of Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) – Australia