On Time Typing Books and Life Stories

On Time Typing Books and Life Stories is our self-publishing services unit.

On Time Typing Books and Life Stories specialises in producing self-published life stories, autobiographies, family histories, memoirs and poetry, as hardcopy books and/or ebooks.

Our self-publishing services

Writer coach Sally-Anne

Transforming your words into a self-published book

When we produce your life story, autobiography or memoir, we always preserve your own voice, your own story, in the final product.

If you are a story teller, not a story writer, we sit down with you and scribe (type) your stories as you speak. We then edit and compile your stories so that your whole story is engaging and easy to read.

If you wish us to produce your memoir or autobiography from spoken word to self-published book stage:

  • we scribe what you say, then edit and compile the manuscript
  • we design and produce your self-published book in hardcopy, ebook or both.
  • if you wish, we obtain an ISBN and barcode and laise with the printer for you. Our job is not over until your book is delivered into your hands.
  • If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford a professionally designed book, we can present your story as a stapled or spiral-bound  booklet (with photos if you like) for you or your family. Your story will still be clear and in the right order, and as accurate as it can be given your budget.

Readers note: at 23 May 2023, the rest of this page is under review (unfinished).

The steps of producing a self-published book

For information about the editing and self-publishing processes, see The different stages of editing, and The steps of self-publishing.

If you want us to document your story, for you
  • we can type while you speak, to document your stories. We can do this via Zoom, phone or face to face (depending on where you live)
  • if you prefer to have your stories recorded on audio files, we can arrange that
  • we then edit and compile your stories into the best order so people can read it easily. Now it is ready for the copy editing stage.
Or, if you have written or typed your story into a manuscript
  • we can type your manuscript from handwritten or spoken word stage. For information about our typing services, go to copy typing.
  • we can assist you with advice about self-editing your manuscript.
  • we can do a manuscript assessment, or structural edit, for you to further improve your manuscript
  • if you prefer us to complete the fine-tuning of your manuscript for you, to get it ready for the copy editing stage
The copy editing and final stages
  • we can copy edit your manuscript
  • we can then design your book (using InDesign). For information about this stage, go to Graphic design and Designing a self-published book
  • we can proofread the designed publication, and check the final press proof is correct, before it is printed. For information, go to Proofreading hardcopy publications
  • we can oversee and manage the whole publication process from spoken word or handwritten manuscript to printed book stage (as per The steps of self-publishing ). This self-publishing service is sometimes called ‘custom publishing’.
  • We provide you with a quote for each stage of the self-publishing service that you need.


Our self-publishing services include
  • explaining the processes of editing and self-publishing to you. Providing you with quotes or estimates for the different stages, at no charge
  • project planning, obtaining/allocating ISBN, obtaining quotes from printers. Writing timelines and budgets for the publication
  • structural (developmental) editing, copy editing, including line editing and fact checking
  • editing or enhancing photographs and images (Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • completing Thorpe-Bowker metadata and self-publisher information
  • managing e-publication process or Print On Demand process
  • printer liaison and proofreading the ‘final proofs’, to printed book stage.
Our clients

We have produced self-published books, from spoken word, early draft or handwritten manuscript stage, to self-published hardcopy book, for:

  • Garry Chippindal (VIC) (dec) – Hold Your Head Up High, memoir, 440 pp; self-published by his daughter Sally Barllee April 2021
  • Shirley Reynolds (SA) – My Story, memoir, 100 pp; self-published by Shirley Reynolds December 2020
  • Joannie Sammon (QLD) – I Am What I Am, memoir, 140 pp; custom published for J Sammon by Peewee Press October 2019
  • Crib Point Football and Netball Club and Crib Point Cricket Club (VIC) – Riding the Bumps with a Grin – At Crib Point!, history of club, 440 pp; self-published August 2019
  • Trafalgar Bowls Club Inc (VIC) – 100 Up – From Here to Here, history of club, 200 pp; custom published by Peewee Press 2017
  • YWCA of Darwin Inc (NT) – Sharing Our Stories, compilation of women’s stories; custom published by Peewee Press, 2006
  • Fokupers (Timor Leste) – two compilations of women’s stories – Buibere volume 1 and Builbere volume 2; self-published 2001
  • ETISC (NT) – compilation of East Timorese testimonies and interviews; self-published 1999
  • AFFET (NT) – Children of the Resistance, stories of East Timor; self-published 1996.