Graphic design, formatting, copy typing

  • Graphic design/formatting: Word, Powerpoint, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop (see details below)
  • Copy typing handwritten and PDF documents (see details below)
  • Signed Guarantee of Confidentiality
  • Free consultation and quote: phone us at 0419 337 824
  • For a list of our current and previous clients, see below.

Graphic design and formatting

What we can do for you (in Word or InDesign):

  • Design your fiction, non-fiction or poetry publication
  • Design your report, manual, brochure, newsletter, PowerPoint presentation
  • Create or amend Word Styles, Table of Contents
  • Create or edit footnotes, endnotes
  • Import images or diagrams in other formats into the document
  • Edit or enhance photographs and images (using Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Design your publication
  • Trouble-shoot and repair graphic design or formatting problems
  • Convert content or documents into other programs (e.g. InDesign, PDF).

Copy typing

  • Handwritten correspondence, statements, case notes, workshop notes, manuscripts, reports, submissions and publications.
  • Handwritten workshop notes (on butcher’s paper or PDF documents)
  • Publications and PDF documents that cannot be converted electronically into Word.

What we can do for you

  • Provide you with a free consultation to clarify what you need, the timeline, and a quote. If we have a typist who lives near you, we can arrange for pickup/delivery of your hard copy document. Otherwise, we will ask you to scan and email the document to us, or post it to us.
  • Type the document, correcting any typos or minor errors we notice in the original. If we discover a lot of errors or major errors in the original, we will consult with you about any extra charges.
  • If your original document is handwritten, or a typed or PDF document with handwritten corrections, we may consult with you to clarify words/symbols.

If you need a PDF document converted into Word, we will see if this can be done. If the conversion produces an accurate Word document, no typing or correcting will be necessary. If the resulting Word document is fairly accurate but errors have been created through the conversion,  it will need to be proofread it to correct those errors. If the resulting Word document is full of errors, the whole text in the PDF will need to be copy typed into a Word document.

Note: Our definition of ‘Copy typing’ is copy typing text that may have headings, dot points and tables, with minimal formatting. We type the document in Word and submit it to you in Word or PDF. Creating, or amending, Table of Contents, Word Styles or footnotes is called ‘formatting’.

Our clients

Graphic design and formatting

Clients of our graphic design and formatting services include:

  • Department of Education, NT
  • Department of Transport, NT
  • Workplace Advisory Group, Sydney, NSW
  • RAM, Queensland
  • Zervos Lawyers, Melbourne, VIC
  • Leaseplan Australia, Melbourne, VIC
  • Trafalgar Bowls Club Inc, Trafalgar, VIC
  • Crib Point Football & Netball Club, Mornington Peninsula, VIC.

On Time Typing has designed published books for:

  • Crib Point Football & Netball Club, Mornington Peninsula, VIC
  • Trafalgar Bowls Club Inc, Trafalgar, VIC
  • YWCA Darwin, NT
  • Peewee Press publications (also owned by Sally-Anne Watson Kane).

Copy typing

Clients of our copy typing services include:

  • Nintione, Fred Hollows Foundation, Central Australian Health Services, Alcohol and Other Drugs, GLP, all in Alice Springs and Darwin, NT
  • Zervos Lawyers, Melbourne
  • Workplace Advisory Group, Saxon Group and FNET, in Sydney, NSW
  • Consultant psychologists, Bendigo, VIC.

We have typed whole manuscripts (some of which have been published) for:

  • Individual author in Mirboo North, VIC
  • Individual author in Alice Springs, NT
  • Individual author in Toongabbie, VIC
  • Crib Point Football & Netball Club, Mornington Peninsula, VIC
  • Trafalgar Bowls Club Inc, Trafalgar, VIC
  • YWCA, Darwin, NT
  • ETISC, Darwin, NT
  • Fokupers, Dili, Timor Leste
  • AFFET, Darwin, NT.

Additional information

Our team

Our typists, designers and editors live in Australia, in Melbourne, Bendigo, Traralgon, Morwell, Moe, Warragul, Mornington and Pakenham in Victoria; Darwin and Palmerston in Northern Territory; and Cairns in North Queensland.

Our graphic designers are Claire McGregor, Christina Carter and Christine Howes. For more information, go to: Our graphic designers.

For a detailed description of the whole team, go to: The On Time Typing Team.

Free consultations

Sally-Anne Watson Kane, owner/operator of On Time Typing, offers an initial free consultation to share information with you about:

  • writing and self-editing fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • editing and proofreading fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • design options for your manuscript/publication
  • self-publishing and other publishing options
  • helpful networks; e.g. writers’ and editors’ industry groups, professional organisations, social media groups.
  • Free initial consultation and quote
  • The above services are charged at an hourly rate or a fixed rate based on our hourly rates for the task
  • We will not commence the task until the client has accepted the quote
  • We will submit a Tax Invoice and request payment either at commencement or prior to/at the time of submitting the work.

Call us on 0419 337 824 for a free consultation and quote.