Sally-Anne Watson Kane’s professional development in writing and editing

Professional development: writing and editing non-fiction, memoir, family histories, poetry, fiction

Ongoing writing/editing professional development: Sally-Anne Watson Kane


Sally-Anne Watson Kane has attended the following workshops and seminars (and where mentioned, has presented at those events):

Upcoming: 19 June 2022 – Annual Symposium: Making it work through the Pandemic, presented by Oral History Victoria.

3 June 2022 – Life Stories Australia Coffee & Chat: theme – Process, facilitated by Sally-Anne Watson Kane, presented by Life Stories Australia

31 May 2022 – Storytelling, setting the record straight about the shared history of Aboriginal Australians and their lived experience in the pastoral industry by Delyna Baxter, presented by Northern Institute

20 May 2022 – Art Spiegelman, author of Pulitzer Prize-winning MAUS, presented by Sydney Writers Festival online to Latrobe Literary Festival.

9 April 2022 – Speak to Self, Speak to Others: April Anti-Racism Workshop, presented by The Wheeler Centre.

6 April 2022 – Crafting Raw Memoirs, Jacki Ferro, presented by Editors Queensland/IPEd.

23 March 2022 – Dealing with grief and vicarious trauma as a life story writer
and self-care solutions, Karen Percy, president of MEAA, presented by Life Stories Australia.

13 February 2022 – Cultural Inclusion Workshop, presented by Australian Greens Victoria.


2-3 December 2021 – The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Representation, Voice and Agency, presented by the Wheeler Centre.

25 November 2021 – Addressing gender and sexuality as editors with Roz Bellamy  – writer, editor-in-chief at Archer Magazine. Presented by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

October-December 2021 – Structural editing (fiction) for editors (8-week course) with Nicola O’Shea Editing & Training.

26-28 November 2021 – The Editing Micro-Festival 2021 (attended 3 sessions). Presented by The Editing Micro-Festival.

19 November 2021 – Mentors’ workshop: Constructive Conversations with Gary Ryan, Organisations that Matter. Presented by RMIT.

16 November 2021 – Geneology and life stories by Ruth Graham, CEO Society of Australian Geneologists. Presented by Life Stories Australia.

3 November 2021 –  Language matters for editors by Associate Professor Roslyn Petelin. Presented by Editors Queensland/IPEd.

30 September 2021 – Editors and the design process by Pooja Desai. Presented by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

16 September –  Poetry editing zoom cuppa/forum with guest speaker Sally-Anne Watson Kane (poetry editor), presented by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

1 September 2021 –  Cultural sensitivity editing by Grace Lucas-Pennington, presented by Editors Qld/IPEd.

31 August – Oral history and life stories by Alistair Thomson, President of Oral History Australia, guest speaker at this Life Stories Australia forum.

29 August 2021: Integrate the IPEd Code of Ethics and IPEd Standards into your editing practice, by Joely Taylor AE (pre-recorded webinar from  Editing on the edges IPEd Conference 2021 presented by Editors Tasmania 29.6.21).

20 August 2021: Career mentoring workshop (RMIT).

29 July 2021: Editing Fiction: Starting out or crossing over by Dr Renée Otmar, presented by Editors WA/IPEd.

28-30 June 2021: Editing on the edges IPEd Conference 2021 presented by Editors Tasmania. Participated in: Writers on the Spectrum, by Lisa Gershwin. Linguicism and editing, by Cassandra Wright-Doyle. Editing and publishing silenced and under-represented voices, by Jodie Lea Martine. Inclusive publishing in Australia in context, by Agata Mrva-Montoya. Literary translation: the ultimate act of betrayal? by Pam Allen. Bridging linguistic and cultural gaps in academic publishing, by Sarah Kitaoji. Culturally safe editing, by Mark J Lock.

18 June 2021: Scoping life stories projects by presenters Sally-Anne Watson Kane, Gillian Ednie, Susan Pierotti, Vicki MacPherson. Presented by Life Stories Australia.

1 May 2021: Sydney Writers Festival events (online, streamed to Latrobe City Library in Moe). Barrie Cassidy & Friends: Opposition and Dissent by Barrie, Scott Ludlam and Sally McManus.. Caste – The Lies That Divide Us by Isabel Wilkerson.  The Living Sea of Waking by Richard Flanagan and Laura Tingle:.

10 April 2021: The decolonised editor: unconscious bias, representative publishing, and a way forward for editorial best practice by Dr Radhiah Chowdhury, presented by NSW Editors/IPEd (Vimeo recorded event 6.10.20).

30 March 2021:  OHS for editors working with sensitive and explicit content by Renee Otmar, presented by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

29 March 2021: Editing narrative non-fiction by Nadine Davidoff, presented by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

25 March 2021: So you think you’ve finished your manuscript – now what? by presenters Sally-Anne Watson Kane, Heather Millar, Renee Otmar, Ian Davies, Annie Payne, Susan Pierotti. Presented by Life Stories Australia.

2020 and previous

24 November 2020: Memoir writing and author presentation by Sue Gunningham. Presented by East Gippsland Shire Council (libraries).

28 October 2020: Editing Family History (webinar) by Editors Tasmania.

13 October 2020: Editing Poetry and Fiction (editor discussion) by Dr Naomi Parry. Presented by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

23 September 2020: Disability Equality Training (for editors) by Publishability.

17 September 2020: Manuscript assessment (editor discussion) by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

27 July 2020: attended Introduction to SEO [website/blogs] by Work My Own Way.

23 July 2020: Editors working with self-publishing writers (editor discussion)  by EdANZ/IPEd.

7 July 2020: attended Editing fiction and poetry (forum) by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

17 June 2020: When Words Matter – how do writers chronicle world-changing events? Presented by Meanjin.

4 June 2020: Documenting life stories during and after COVID-19 (forum) presented by Life Stories Australia.

12 May 2020: attended Editing memoirs (forum) presented by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

30 April 2020: Let’s get published [self-publishing: ebooks, hard copy books, audio books] (webinar) by Patrice Shaw, PS Editing.


15 November 2019: Sally-Anne presented Life story writers/editors and vicarious trauma (forum), presented by Life Stories Australia (LSA).

9 November 2019: Sally-Anne presented and facilitated Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) half-day poetry editing workshop.

22 October 2019: attended online mentoring workshop for IPEd mentors and mentees. Presented by IPEd

12 October 2019: attended Editing Diverse Voices seminar, by Bridget Caldwell, Carly Findlay and Kirstie Innes-Will. Presented by Editors Victoria/IPEd.

September 2019: Sally-Anne co-founded (with three other local poets) Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG)

7 September 2019: Sally-Anne presented How to edit your own poetry workshop by herself/On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading.

15 August 2019: attended Setting up life story contracts/agreements interactive webinar, presented by Life Stories Australia (LSA)

10 August 2019: attended Reporting Pell seminar, by Louise Milligan, presented by Bendigo Writers Festival – Writers Victoria. About interviewing victims; publishing stories of sexual abuse; ethics; post-traumatic stress disorder.

28 June 2019: attended Writing trauma and traumatised characters  workshop, by Lea Scott, presented by Queensland Writers Centre. Sessions included: trauma and PTSD in memoir, biography and fiction; interviewing trauma survivors; neuroscience of trauma; ethics; self-care for writers, editors or researchers dealing with vicarious trauma; building trauma/PTSD symptoms into the  narrative structure; post-traumatic growth arc within the narrative

20 June 2019: attended Marketing and memoir writing seminar/workshop by Life Stories Australia

25-26 May 2019: attended Latrobe Literary Festival events around writing, writing/visual arts mixes, and the issues faced by writers with disability. Organisers/facilitators included Writers Victoria, and Writeability.

May 8 – 10, 2019: attended Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) national conference Beyond the page 2019  workshops and seminars including:

  • Editing non-fiction, memoir and trauma: Memoir and life writing; Editing personal trauma stories – practical tips to limit the emotional cost; Life writing – how can it do good and how can it cause harm?; When to care and not to care – the editor’s angst; Ethical considerations of editing an autobiographical work.
  • Ethics, editing across cultures and accessibility: Ethics in editing and OHS for editors; Copyright for editorial gatekeepers; Sensitivity readers – who, what, when and why editors should use them; Illness in editing – resonance and the integration of paradoxical knowledge; Accessibility – creating content for everyone; Accessibility and the Australian Inclusive Publishing initiative.
  • Blogging for your business
  • Other: Young adult and popular fiction genres – editing for multiple markets; Digital collections – archival and editorial impulses remixed; How ‘other’ professions inform editing…; The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas; IPEd updates – committee and steering group, and the seventh edition of Australian Government Style Manual.

March 7, 2019: awarded Certificate of completion Mentor Induction (RMIT – editing industry).

2018 and previous

February 2018:  participated in Own Voices Forum: Why Writing Matters – social model of disability best-practice language, advocacy and power, presented by Writers Victoria.

September 2017: achievement of Certificate – Simplified Recruitment Merit Selection Training, Office of the Commissioner for NT Public Employment, Public Sector Appeals & Grievances Review, Darwin NT.

2015 to 2018: completion of short courses around online marketing, SEOing, blogging, and business management.

2016: attended Critiquing Manuscripts workshop, Writers Victoria.

2013 to 2014: Sally-Anne (On Time Typing) presented verbal and written submissions to the Inquiry into Telecommuting and e-Business conducted by the Rural and Regional Committee of the Parliament of Victoria; final report produced and published in 2014

2008: Completed short course: Microsoft Publisher – iGain, Victoria

2006:  Completed Staff Selection – Interview techniques & interview report writing, presented by NT Department of Corporate and Information Services

1999-2001: on-the-job training/experience in editing and self-publishing (1999 voluntary; 2000-2001 funded by Australian Volunteers International)

2000-2004: participated in a number of NT Writers’ Centre events

2000: Completed Tetun Language Course, Timor Aid, Dili, East Timor


  • completed units of Bachelor of Arts (English Literature double-major) at Charles Darwin University, NT. High Distinction (HD) awarded for: English Literary History, 20th Century Australian Literature, World Literatures, Modern Literature, Independent Study (William Blake), and Evolution of Humankind and Culture. Distinction or Credit awarded for: Contemporary Fiction, Indigenous Health Issues, South-East Asian Studies 2
  • regularly attended Darwin Poetry Group performing readings; regularly  performed at spoken word events at Browns Mart, Darwin
  • on-the-job training (volunteer) in editing, design and self-publishing
  • on-the-job training in copy editing with a newspaper in Halifax, Canada.

Sally-Anne’s awards/achievements

  • Mentorship: Sally-Anne is a career mentor with IPEd and also with RMIT. 2019: RMIT Mentor Induction award
  • 2017: On Time Typing was a finalist in the 2017 Federation Business School Gippsland Business Awards – Business and Professional
  • January 2016: On Time Typing ‘opted in’ to be covered by the relevant sections of the Privacy Act (1988) (Australia). Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) advised on 27/1/16: ‘[We]… will be including your details in the Opt-In Register under s 6EA(3) of the Act. … OAIC appreciates your commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy. Thank you for adopting the Australian Privacy Principles as your standard when handling personal information.’
  • 2013: On Time Typing was a finalist in the 2013 Bendigo Bank Gippsland Business Awards, On-Line Retailing/e-Business
  • 2002: Sally-Anne Watson Kane received the Australian Government Award: ‘The Australian Government expresses its gratitude to Sally-Anne Watson for a valued contribution towards assisting developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development’. Award signed by Prime Minister John Howard and Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer
  • 1991: Sally-Anne was awarded Certificate of Merit – 20/20 English, Year 12, and Certificate of Achievement – 20/20 English, Year 12.

For details of Sally-Anne’s current and previous editing and self-publishing experience, go to: Publications and Editing experience

Photograph: Sally-Anne Watson Kane. 

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