Graphic design and typesetting – our services

Our definition of graphic design (or typesetting) is: 

  • Designing publications, reports or other documents (bringing together text and images), using InDesign. In addition, where appropriate we use Photoshop (involving pixels at a set resolution), or Illustrator (descriptions [Vectors], resolution-independent).

Note: if you want your document designed or formatted as a Word document, go to: Our formatting services.

Graphic design or typesetting – publications and reports

  • We design or typeset books and reports in InDesign, or PowerPoint, also using Illustrator or  Photoshop when required.
  • InDesign: We design publications – including illustrations or other images – “inside pages” and “cover design” – in InDesign. We collaborate with you to ensure the design meets your needs and expectations, and you are happy with it, submit it to the printer as per their specifications. We always request that the printer send us a “final press proof” so we can give the end product a final proofread (of the layout and final way the design sits) before approval to print.
  • InDesign: We design brochures, reports (e.g. annual reports), newsletters and manuals – including illustrations or other images in InDesign. We do this in collaboration with you and ensure you are happy with it before submitting the final document.
  • PowerPoint: We design brochures, reports, newsletters and PowerPoint presentations – including illustrations or other images – in PowerPoint. We do this in collaboration with you and ensure you are happy with it before submitting the final document.
  • All designed/typeset documents: We submit your designed and typeset reports or publications as either PDF or InDesign documents, or both.
  • Photoshop or Illustrator: we edit and enhance photographs and images to the best quality possible, given the original images, for inclusion in publications.

Graphic design or typesetting: our process

  • Free consultation and quote. We will clarify what you need – e.g. design only, formatting only, or editing or proofreading as well. We will advise you whether we can meet your timeline. We will provide you with a  quote.
  • Once you have accepted the quote, we will complete the requested task and submit the completed document/s to you by the agreed deadline.

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