Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) – who we are

Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) is a group of poets based in Gippsland and surrounding regions, who are committed to writing, workshopping and perfecting their poetry, to publication standard.

Our participating members are currently Sally-Anne, Seamus, Delia and Dylan.

PEGG’s principles

  1. PEGG respectfully acknowledges the First Nations Traditional Owners of all nations in Australia; and we pay our respects to the elders of this land, past, present and emerging.
  2. Poets of all abilities, ages, cultural backgrounds and levels of experience in writing poetry are welcome to join PEGG and attend PEGG sessions. PEGG practices fairness, kindness, honesty and open mindedness during all sessions. Anybody who does not do this will be asked to leave.
  3. We limit the number of attendees per poetry workshop/editing session to four or five, for practical reasons. Every now and then we hold an open PEGG session where we invite non-member poets to attend.
  4. PEGG sessions are not “poetry readings”, nor an opportunity for people to receive general feedback about their poems. PEGG sessions are workshops where we critique and workshop one another’s poems, although always respecting that the poet is the sole decision-maker and author.
  5. PEGG sessions are generally held via Zoom with occasional on site meetings.

The history of Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG)

Sally-Anne presented the How to edit your own poetry workshop at the Moe Library on 7 September 2019. Shortly after this, Sally-Anne and two of the workshop participants, Seamus and Ash, decided to start a new poetry group where local poets could workshop one another’s poems, and Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) was born. Sally-Anne volunteered as facilitator.

The first formal PEGG session was held 9 November 2019, and PEGG has met more or less regularly (usually via Zoom) ever since then.

In early 2023, Seamus, Delia and Sally-Anne published a poetry book: Among the Wildflowers. In 2023, this poetry book was launched with poetry readings in Moe, Mornington and Sale, and in January 2024 it was launched with poetry readings in Koroit.

In 2024, PEGG acquired a new member, Dylan. Sally-Anne, Delia, Seamus and Dylan continue to meet regularly to workshop and edit their poems.

For more information about PEGG or poetry

  • For more information about PEGG, contact Sally-Anne.
  • If you’d like to purchase Among the Wildflowers go to: ATW purchase details.
  • The more diverse poetry you read, the broader your styles and topics of poetry can become. To this end, we encourage you to subscribe to: Australian Poetry.

Image: Sally-Anne, Seamus and Delia at the Moe book launch of Among the Wildflowers.

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