Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG)

Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) is a group of poets committed to writing and perfecting their poetry.

How and why PEGG was created

PEGG has a very short history. At the How to edit your own poetry workshop held in Moe in early September 2019, Sally-Anne Watson Kane – On Time Typing‘s poetry editor – shared with the poets who attended the ‘RAM & UFO method’ she has devised for editing your own poetry.

Everyone enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot. So afterwards, Sally-Anne and the attendees decided to form a poetry editing group. Ash came up with the name of Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG), Seamus suggested we hold a poetry editing session every three months, and Sally-Anne came up with a set of principles for the group and offered to be the facilitator of the group. Everyone agreed with with everything and that is how PEGG started.

PEGG’s principles (20.9.19)

The founders of PEGG have decided that:

  1. PEGG sessions are not intended to be either poetry readings or an opportunity for people to read out their poetry and receive informal feedback. Rather, our sessions have one goal: to workshop/edit a few poems, as a group, using the ‘RAM & UFO method’ of poetry editing that was presented and used in the September workshop, How to edit your own poetry .
  2. PEGG will practice fairness, kindness, honesty and open mindedness at all times. Anybody who does not follow this rule may be asked to leave.
  3. Poets of all abilities, ages, cultural backgrounds and levels of experience in writing poetry are encouraged to attend PEGG sessions.
  4. PEGG will meet for a half-day session about every three months at the Moe Library, 1-29 George Street, Moe, Gippsland.
  5. Each session will be a hands-on workshop where poets have the opportunity to work with the group to edit group members’ poems, using On Time Typing’s UFO-and-read-aloud method and an interactive whiteboard.
  6. At each PEGG session, there may only be time to group-edit  three or four poets’ poems; that is, it is likely that not every poet present will be able to have their own poem edited, every session. However, if an attendee’s poem is not edited during one session, PEGG will try to edit it during the next.
  7. Although we don’t know what will happen in future, at this time there is no membership fee.

Initial plan

The first Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) session will be held on the afternoon of 9th November 2019 at the Moe Library, as detailed below.

First PEGG session: Saturday 9th November 2019

This session will be held in Room 3, Moe Library. It will commence at 12 pm sharp and finish at 4.30 pm, with a 15-20 minute break somewhere in the middle. Places for this first session are limited to  eight poets including the facilitator.

Note: bookings are absolutely essential. If you just turn up without having booked a place, you will be turned away.

What you will need to bring to the session:

  • Essential: kindness, honesty, passion for poetry and an open mind.
  • If you have a poem that you want edited by the group, bring your poem in hard copy and also saved onto a USB (so we can put it up on the whiteboard), and a snack/drink for the break.
  • If you are a poet but don’t want to have your own poem edited (i.e. you just want to come along to learn about editing poetry), bring yourself and a snack/drink for the break.

Update: we currently have seven poets attending, therefore we have room for only one more participant. If you would like to book the last available place for this session, contact Sally-Anne at [email protected] .


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