On-site scribing in Melbourne

On Time Typing is now available to scribe meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops on site, in Melbourne. If you have an event coming up and need a scribe, give us a ring on 0419-337 824 or via: contact us.... More

Active on Gippsland Business Connect

On Time Typing is now an active contributor of articles for Gippsland Business Connect.  Here we are on Gippsland Business Connect: On Time Typing – Gippsland. Our articles are about about managing small businesses, scribing, editing and proofreading. Here are our...... More

Google test for website speed

Thank you, Sensis Yellow Newsletter, for providing me with this link to Google’s speed-test, where you can check how fast your website is in comparison with other sites. Speed is important because: people expect to wait no longer than 2 seconds...... More

Typing in Queensland

On Time Typing provides typing and editing services to our Queensland-based clients in Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns. We are currently seeking a Queensland-based typist for those times when our clients in Queensland need someone they can meet face to face, who can...... More

Bendigo editors

I will be in Bendigo next Monday and Tuesday, 24 and 25 September. While there, we will be meeting with the editors and typists on  on our team and catching up with clients. If any editors live in that area, would you...... More

Another medical transcriptionist added to the team: welcoming Monica Butling

We have recently been building our medical transcription team to meet demand. Vani Kalase, in Darwin, has extensive experience and expertise in Radiology, Histopathology and Dentistry transcription as well as other areas. Until recently, Vani was the only medical transcriptionist on...... More

Welcoming our new medical transcriptionist to the audio transcription team

We would like to welcome Adele Jeremiah to the On Time Typing Team. Adele is an experienced medical transcriptionist with specialties in Obstetrics/ Gynaecology, General Surgery and the Sleep and Respiratory area and is currently in training with On Time Typing in regard...... More

Take a look: this week’s projects

This week, On Time Typing has been scribing, report writing, editing and proofreading documents for a large number of clients including: an author whose publication we are typing and will soon commence editing two government departments for whom we are producing...... More

On Time Typing Blog A-OK

Thank you for your patience while our website and blog have been partially under administration, during which time some blog articles were not accessible to the public. Our blog, including our newest articles about editors and editing, is now up and...... More

Winner of free ticket for Creating Future Success business event

Congratulations to the winner of this free ticket from On Time Typing for the Creating Future Success event (8-8-18). The winner is Shayne Maree Hyman, Creator & Founder of WriteRound who is involved in the ‘Capacity Building for Vegetable Businesses in Gippsland...... More