Our experience in editing poetry, or coaching in self-editing poetry

Sally-Anne Watson Kane’s experience in editing poetry and coaching poets includes:

  • developmental and structural editing of a collection of poetry for a book
  • copy editing a collection of poetry (including the front matter etc.) for a book
  • developmental and copy editing of a single poem or small number of poems
  • coaching in self-editing a collection of poetry, by focusing on self-editing a few poems to teach the poet how to self-edit the rest of the poems themselves. We teach self-editing using our own UFO and read-aloud method. Coaching sessions cover developmental/style editing as well as copy editing
  • Sally-Anne co-founded and currently facilitates an ongoing poetry editing group called Poetry Editing Group Gippsland which meets online every couple of months to workshop one another’s  poetry. She also runs self-editing workshops (upon demand): How to edit your own poetry.

Sally-Anne has over 20 years’ experience in editing other people’s poems and coaching poets in self-editing their poetry. We have a lifetime’s experience in writing, reading and studying poetry, and our favourite things to do are reading, writing, editing or talking about poetry.

Some of our previous and current clients are

  • Hope unfeathered by Kate Erlenbusch. We edited her collection of poetry: a structural and developmental edit followed by a copy edit. We also designed the inside pages of her book which Kate self-published in December 2020. Go to: Hope unfeathered.
  • Solene Anglaret. We coached Solene in self-editing her poetry in 2019. She went on to edit all of her poems and self-publish a book: Where?
  • The Danish Refugee Council is currently producing and self-publishing Rohingya Dreams, a collection of poetry by Rohinga Refugee Poets, collated by Emily Reid. We edited the collection on a voluntary basis in 2020.
  • Rocket Power by Evie Watson. We produced and self-published her collection of poetry in 2011.
  • Various poets who I have coached in self-editing their own poetry, and collections of poetry (which are not yet published so I will keep their names confidential): those projects were in 2019, 2018 and 2004.

About our poetry editing and coaching services

Our approach to editing poetry is described here: Collaborative poetry editing.

Another method we use to edit poetry is to use (Word) Track Changes to provide feedback, suggestions and corrections to the poet. We do not do any editing, per se, apart from basic copy editing corrections. But we do provide very comprehensive feedback and suggestions offering options for ways to improve the poems or collections of poems. This method is still very collaborative but works through the Track Changes tool rather than via verbal consultation.

For more information about our poetry editing and coaching poets in self-editing their poems, check out all our editing services here, or contact us by email or phone here.

Image: Darren Kane.




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