Buibere – volumes 1 and 2. Self-published oral histories of 22 East Timorese women, in Tetun and English


Sally-Anne Watson Kane would like to acknowledge and thank her mentor, friend and bi’in, ita bo’ot Veronica Pereira, for the professional and cultural assistance and support she provided to Sally-Anne throughout the production of the below Buibere books, and for the ongoing support Veronica provides, to this day.

Buibere: Lian Feto Timor Lorosa’e Nianvol. 2, 2001 (in Tetun )

Copyright Fokupers, Timor Leste 2001

  • Compiled and produced by Sally-Anne Watson Kane (then, Sally-Anne Watson).
  • Project manager: Sally-Anne.
  • Chief editors: Rosalia Soares & Manuela Leong Pereira, Fokupers, Timor Leste.
  • From 2000 to late 2001, Sally-Anne coordinated a team of over 40 Timorese photographers, translators, designers and editors, and worked closely with chief editors Rosalia and Manuala, to edit and compile this revised and expanded volume of Buibere  in the Tetun language.
  • The oral histories published in the 1999 Buibere publication (see below) were edited in consultation with each author who added more details and clarified information. Each author then spoke about their current situation in 2001 and their aspirations for their families and Timor Leste, and this was recorded then scribed and edited in Tetun, by Sally-Anne’s team of East Timorese assisting editors  in 2001. Each author was photographed and most authors chose to publish their real name with their testimonies, in this 2001 publication.
  • USAID-OTI, Fokupers, Australian Volunteers International and Timor Aid funded this book in cash and kind, from the early stages of production (mid-2000) to the final stage where many thousands of books were delivered to Fokupers in Timor Leste.
  • Buibere volum 2 was self-published by Fokupers. Aust ISBN 0_646_41719_3. The book was launched in Dili, Timor Leste, in December 2001.

Buibere: Voice of East Timorese Women, vol. 1, 1999 (in English)

Copyright Rebecca Winters (Sally-Anne Watson Kane) 1999

  • Compiled and produced by Sally-Anne Watson Kane (under the pseudonym ‘Rebecca Winters’).
  • Project manager and chief editor: Sally-Anne.
  • Sally-Anne recorded testimonies in Tetun and Portuguese in Timor Leste. She then worked closely with Timorese translators in Timor Leste and Darwin, Australia, to scribe translations of 22 East Timorese women’s oral histories/testimonies into English. Sally-Anne coordinated and oversaw a team of approx 20 Australian and Timorese people in Darwin who assisted her to complete the editing and proofreading stages. Sally-Anne coordinated and oversaw the design, printing and distribution of this volume of oral histories.
  • The  scribing, writing, compiling, editing, proofreading and design of this book was wholly completed by East Timorese and Australian volunteers in  Timor Leste and Darwin, Australia. The printing of the books was funded by The HIVOS Foundation. All proceeds of sales were at first held by ETISC/Timor Aid then directed by them to Fokupers and other women’s projects in Timor Leste.
  • Self-published by ETISC. Australian ISBN 0_9577329_3_7
  • This book was launched in mid-August 1999, just two weeks before the East Timor Referendum.

If you would like to contact the copyright owners or any of the 22 East Timorese women whose stories are represented in these books, please email or phone On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading here. Although we do not hold or sell any copies of either book, we will assist you if we can, by directing you to the appropriate person  or organisation .

Translation of Buibere Volum 2 (unpublished)

In early 2002, Sally-Anne translated the whole of the Tetun-language Buibere Vol. 2 into a manuscript in the English language.

While the English version of Buibere Volum 2 (in Tetun, 2001) is similar to in some ways to Buibere Volume 1 (in English, 1999), the manuscript that is the English translation of Buibere Volum 2 contains more detailed information than Volume 1, such as naming places and people’s names that atrocities were committed (e.g. naming the people who committed a rape or massacre; or the village where people were murdered), and includes an English translation of the additional  authors’ ‘situation and aspirations in 2001’ section published only in the Tetun version in 2001.

Th English-version manuscript of Buibere Volum 2 translated by Sally-Anne has not been published. It in hardcopy format only, and is in the possession of Sally-Anne Watson Kane, held in trust for Fokupers/the Buibere women.

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