Why send my overflow dictation to On Time Typing?

Why outsource your overflow dictation to us rather than get your typists to do it, or employ an extra typist?

  • To save money. As the needs of any business fluctuate, sometimes you won’t have enough typists or enough hours in the day to get all the typing done. If you outsource your overflow work to On Time Typing, the demands of your business will always be met and every cent spent on that typing will be well worth the money.
  • To have control over exactly what you spend. We charge ‘per audio minute’ for transcribing dictation so can always give you an exact quote for the total cost of transcribing your dictation. Also, we offer lower rates for less urgent document.
  • To get high quality transcripts every time. We guarantee our proofread transcripts and reports to be Highly Accurate – or your money back.
  • To make sure your deadlines are met. We always meet the agreed deadline;
  • Because it’s very efficient. You send us your digital audio files via our forwarding website; we receive them and transcribe them; we submit the documents to you by email.

On Time Typing has over the years earned an excellent reputation for quality, accuracy, confidentiality and reliability. Contact us for the names of relevant referees.

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