Confidentiality guaranteed

On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading (OTTEP) is committed to maintaining confidentiality and protecting the privacy of all our clients including individuals, businesses, companies and organisations.

Upon request OTTEP will provide you with a signed Guarantee of Confidentiality.

We are Australian owned and operated. The proprietor, Sally-Anne Watson Kane, lives in Gippsland, Australia. All our typists, editors and scribes reside in various regions in states and territories in Australia. OTTEP team members are all subcontractors who have signed strict Confidentiality Agreements with us. The proprietor and all team members carry out their work, including dealing with your confidential material, within a secure office based within their own home.

We are bound by the Australian Privacy Act (1988). We do not outsource any material to overseas staff or contractors.

When you send us material (recordings or documents), the proprietor either completes the work herself or delegates the task to an On Time Typing typist, scribe or editor. Your material will be seen only by Sally-Anne and/or the OTTEP contractor typist completing the task. We keep a record of your name and contact details for our own reference only. We do not share that information with anyone else.

When you need to send us large files, we ask you to do so using a specific forwarding website. Once we have downloaded your files, we delete them from the website and ensure only OTTEP has access to those files. We change passwords regularly to ensure secure log in to the site.

Within six months of completion of your booking, all your information is permanently deleted from all our computers; or upon request all information is deleted immediately upon payment of the invoice. Any hardcopy information in relation to your booking is destroyed (shredded) within six months. The only documents that are not destroyed within six months are our administrative documents such as booking sheets, quotes and invoices which we keep for our own record-keeping purposes.

In 2015, owner/operator Sally-Anne Watson Kane voluntarily ‘opted in’ to be covered by the relevant sections of the Privacy Act (1988) (Australia). The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) confirmed that On Time Typing “…  has chosen to be treated as an organisation in accordance with s 6EA(2) of the Act, and [OAIC] will be including your details in the Opt-In Register under s 6EA(3) of the Act. … The OAIC appreciates your commitment to protecting individuals’ privacy…” Email from OAIC to On Time Typing: 27/1/16. 

If you have further questions about how OTTEP keeps your information secure and confidential, feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

Image: Creative Commons licence – thanks to WOCInTechChat

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