Free offer: memoir by Joan Sammon

This article has been written and published on behalf of Joan Sammon, whose  memoir A life: I am what I am!  was produced by Sally-Anne Watson Kane in 2019.


Joan Sammon, who grew up in Sydney, is schizophrenic, dyslexic, gay, Jewish,  and a survivor of child abuse. She was 79 years old when she wrote her memoir which includes her story, poems and insights into schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses. She self-published her memoir in late 2019 to coincide with Mental Health Week.

Joan wrote her memoir to help people who have survived similar experiences, and also to share her stories with people who have not had to deal with those issues so they understand what it is like to be schizophrenic; what depression is like; how things were for gay people growing up in the 60s and 70s; what it was like to be institutionalised for many years; and what it is like to live with memories of child abuse, and with mental illnesses.

Joan is now 81 and wants to share her story with as many people as possible.

sally-anne’s involvement

In 2019, Sally-Anne assisted Joan Sammon her to self-edit her life stories, poems and essays, then edited and produced her memoir as a self-published hardcopy book.

Joan’s original goal was to share her story to help people who have experienced similar disabilities or abuse, and also to help other people understand about these issues. 

Once the 300 books Joan had initially ordered were delivered into her hands, the client/editor relationship between Joan and Sally-Anne ended, and they became friends. They kept in close contact (via phone) . Joan sold many of her books, mostly in the Gold Coast area, where she lives. In early 2021 Joan ordered a reprint of another 150 books and Sally-Anne facilitated that extra print run. 

At 81 years old, Joan still had 100 books left, so decided to give away her books so she could share her story to as many people as possible.

How to request a free book

If you would like a copy of Joan’s memoir, and live in Australia:

  1. Contact me here (and please type ‘Joan Sammon‘ into the subject line.) I will then send you a reply email with Joan’s postal address.
  2. Write your name and address on the front of an envelope that is A5 size (approx 15cm X 21 cm). Stick a $2.50 stamp on the envelope.
  3. Enclose your stamped self-addressed envelope, and a note  asking Joan for a copy of the memoir, inside an envelope.
  4. Write Joan’s name and address on the outside envelope and post it.
  5. When Joan receives your request and the stamped self-addressed envelope, she will send you a book.

NB: if you have any queries about this book please don’t hesitate to contact Sally-Anne here.


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