OHS for self-employed consultants

Consultants and other self-employed people who work from home-based offices have to look after their own Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and make sure they maintain a safe workplace, whether in their own or others’ offices.

Whether you work in an external or home-based office, meet clients in your own office or in different offices around town, it’s important to stick to a set of OHS rules to guide your practice.

If you’re a consultant editor, scribe or writer, or anyone who consults with their clients while working on a computer, your OHS policy might include ensuring your office/workplace has:

  • an adjustable chair and footrest/floor at a height where your feet can rest
  • computer screen and keyboard and/or laptop at the correct height
  • good artificial lighting and (where possible) also natural light
  • regular breaks included in your work/contract (e.g. a break every 2 hours)
  • an office space that is clear of obstructions such as leads, cords or bins
  • desks/tables that are reasonably free of clutter
  • storage cupboards or shelves that are safe to access
  • enough space for both yourself and any clients (if required) to be seated
  • electricity outlets and power boards that you can use safely.

For other ways in which freelancers, sole traders and other people who work from home can stay safe at work, go to: Safety first for scribes and editors.

Image: Skeeze from Pixabay – Creative Commons licence 

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