My recording is on a digital recorder, can you transcribe it?

Yes. First, you’ll need to give us a call so we can clarify what you need and how you would like to send us your audio recording, and send you a quote. Then:

  • Upload the audio recording onto your computer (by plugging the recorder into a computer and uploading the audio file)
  • If your recording is very short (up to 10 minutes long) or in DSS format, email it to us as an attachment
  • If your recording is longer and too large to be sent as an attachment to an email, you’ll need to send the audio file to us via our forwarding website. Upon confirmation of your booking, we will email you the instructions and password to send us your audio file via this method.

Alternatively, you can copy the audio file onto a USB stick and post it to us. However, this method takes longer and is less efficient than simply sending the audio file to us via our forwarding website.

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