How and when do I pay?

  • We send your invoice via email. Depending on the type of booking, we may send your invoice either just prior to submitting your completed documents, or just after submitting your documents. Your invoice is always based on the charges outlined in a quote (or amended quote) that has been accepted by you.
  • For small bookings we send just one invoice for all work completed. For larger bookings we may send invoices for different batches/stages as they are completed. If your booking is large we will discuss the expected number of invoices/method of invoicing with you prior to commencing the booking.
  • Our preferred method of receiving payment is by direct deposit/electronic transfer into our bank account. We also accept payment by credit card, at the quoted extra charge to cover administration costs and bank fees.
  • We usually request payment of the full invoiced amount within 21 days of sending you the invoice.

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