Do you write job applications?

Unlike some businesses, we do not offer to write your job application for you.

However, upon request, we can scribe what you say to draft your application, and work with you to edit and produce the job application.

First we clarify what you need and share our knowledge with you free of charge. If you still need assistance we then provide you with a quote for helping you produce your job application.

If you would like us to scribe your application ‘as you speak it’

We will consult with you  to ask you some questions and whilst doing so, scribe your 1st draft job application, addressing each of the selection criteria in the job description. If necessary, we will prompt you to provide more relevant examples or further evidence of your claims. We will then work with you to further edit and improve your application ensuring, however, that you have input into that process. Once you are happy with the application, we will proofread and submit it to you.

If you have written your application and would like us to ‘tidy it up’ for you

If you have written your application to ‘as good as you can get it’ and would like us to proofread it for you, we are happy to do this at the quoted rate.

However, first we need to view the application to make sure it needs proofreading, not editing. If it needs editing work, we consult with you to explain what is required and then edit your job application with you, to ensure you play a major part in writing your application. Upon request, we then proofread it for you.

Free consultation and advice

If you would like to write your job application yourself but would like some suggestions to help you get started, we explain how to write a job application. We are happy to share this information to help you write your application yourself, free of charge. It’s all part of the service.

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