Do you do resumes?

Yes. We write, edit, proofread and/or format resumes. We first consult with you either via telephone or face to face to discuss the position for which you are applying and the level of detail and type of information required, give you some idea of how long it will take to produce (or amend) your resume, and provide you with a quote. Then:

  • If you have a hardcopy resume that you need copy typed, we consult with you to ensure that the original resume contains all the required information and add any other information necessary. We ask you to confirm whether you would like your new resume to be presented the same as the original or in a different format.
  • If you have a copy of your resume on the computer that needs to be updated, we arrange an appointment for a telephone consultation. During that consultation, we scribe the required corrections into the document as you speak. If you agree we may also reformat your resume.
  • If you do not have a previous resume at all, we will arrange an appointment for a telephone consultation. We ask you to think about your qualifications and the relevant skills you have to offer, any previous studies including the dates of study, previous positions and the dates of that employment. During the consultation, we ask you to give those details whilst we scribe as you speak to draft your resume. Afterwards, we edit the document to produce a well-presented resume.
  • After typing, scribing and/or editing the document, we will proofread and submit the resume to you by the agreed deadline.

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