Can you type up a transcript for evidence in Court?

Whether or not your recording or the transcript of that recording will be admissible as evidence in a Court of Law will depend on various factors, therefore before we transcribe your recording you should seek legal advice to confirm that the transcript of your recording is admissible as evidence.

We recommend Proofread Transcripts (with a money-back guarantee of accuracy for audible recordings) for internal or external investigations, hearings, interviews with police or lawyers, or conversations that may be used as evidence in Court.

At the top of the transcript we include some important details about the transcript including a description of the audibility of the recording and level of accuracy of the transcript.

Proofread Transcripts

We transcribe your recording into a 1st Draft Transcript then proofread that transcript against the audio recording very carefully to produce a highly accurate Proofread Transcript (of all comments that are audible).

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