Can you type my handwritten poems/stories?

Yes. In fact, we would love to.

  • We clarify whether you would like the words and stanzas/paragraphs to be typed exactly as you have written them, or the words to be spelt exactly as you have spelt them; or whether you would like us to edit/correct the documents as we type.
  • After confirming exactly what you need we provide you with a quote for typing and/or editing the handwritten document.
  • We can either copy type your handwritten documents, or scribe as you read out your documents either via telephone or on site (depending where you live). Either way, we type a document that faithfully represents your written words (either ‘as is’ or edited, as requested).
  • If we do not have an office located near you and you would like us to copy typing your documents, you can either scan your written documents and send them to us via email, or mail them to us by registered post.

Note: if your poems or stories are written by you and you intend to publish them, they will need some level of editing by an editor. Sally-Anne Watson Kane is particularly good at editing creative fiction and poetry in such a way that the author’s voice is retained and, with the author’s permission, their intended meaning clarified.

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