Can you help me improve my writing skills?

Free consultations

If you would like to improve your general and creative writing skills, we will have a chat with you to see if we can help with some suggestions or pointing you in the right direction to improve your writing skills. We may suggest a writing course, webinar, writers’ group or online writers’ network where you can share and learn with other writers as well as helpful publications or websites. We are happy to share this information free of charge.

Charged consultations

If you need to improve your corporate writing skills – for example, if you are currently working on a report and would like some hands-on guidance with writing the report – we will give you a few suggestions and then provide you with a quote for consulting with you to improve your writing skills and the report. We usually do this via telephone; however, if we have an editor in your area we do this consultation face to face. Through working with you on your report, or tutoring you in corporate writing in general, we hope to give you some of the tools and knowledge required to write more clearly and concisely, and self-edit your own work.

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