The benefits of networking online with other editors

Networking and information-sharing is an important aspect of an editor’s professional development but attending face-to-face professional editor events is not always possible and can be costly. Online networking is far less expensive than face-to-face networking and still has plenty of benefits.

Information sharing

Editors can network and share information with one another online via various open or closed editors’ groups on social media.

For editors, part and parcel of being involved in an online editors group is sharing and receiving information about editing and the issues editors face. This creates an environment of ongoing learning and professional development within those online groups which is helpful to all concerned.

The issues discussed online might include:

  • relevant ethics, standards and protocols
  • charges for different types of editing
  • the challenges of running an editing business
  • new editing tools and different manuals
  • how to resolve specific editing issues
  • where to refer clients for different types of services.

Opportunities arising from online editors’ groups

Sharing information via an online editors’ group helps create good relationships, earns us a good reputation, tells other editors about our area of expertise, and allows us to learn the specialty areas of other editors. This can then lead to client referrals, between editors, where appropriate.

Editors often share relevant job opportunities they have come across online, within the editors group.

When an editor can’t accept a  job and the client has requested their help to find another editor to do the job, with the client’s permission the editor may share the details of the job or client within the editors group. This  helps both the client and their editor colleagues.

The benefits of networking at face-to-face events

Meeting and talking to other professional editors at face-to-face events has other benefits you simply can’t get from online networking. For more information go to: The benefits of networking at an editors’ conference.

Image: Copyright SW Kane

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