Comparing editors’ quotes when managing a project

Depending on the size of your project, and whether you are working for
yourself or an employer, you may choose to:

  • obtain a quote from only one editor, or
  • request a quote from two or three different editors so you can compare prices and value for money.

How do you compare two or more editing quotes?

Before choosing the editor to edit your manuscript, report or other document, you need the editors you have selected to provide you with a written quote.

Each quote should state either an overall charge for the whole task, or an estimate (ball-park figure) of the total charge, based on the editor’s hourly rates. Each quote should include a sample of any contracts you would need to sign; and if your organisation requires suppliers to sign a contract with your organisation, you should advise them of this at the outset.

When comparing editors and their quotes, take into account:

  • The overall charge in relation to your budget
  • The services, and level of service (including any guarantees) that the editor has explicitly stated they will provide
  • If you have obtained references from the editor’s previous clients, whatever the referees have said about the editor’s skills, reliability etc.
  • The extent of the editor’s previous experience and achievements that are relevant to your project (e.g. if your youth fiction manuscript needs structural editing, what is their experience in structural editing youth fiction novels?)
  • Based on your communications with the editor so far, how clearly and professionally they communicate via telephone and email
  • Your colleagues or supervisor’s views about who is the most suitable editor for your particular project.

For more information

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