The self-publishing memoirs we are producing (2023)

Self-published books produced by On Time Typing Books and Life Stories

We’ve been busy over the past couple of months with our usual editing, typing, typesetting, writing, scribing, transcription and writer-coaching tasks. In addition, we have been working on the following self-published memoirs or life stories, which are ongoing projects that will be printed and self-published in 2024.

Life story: This book was commissioned by the son of an elderly Torres Strait Islander Territorian. Earlier this year, we interviewed and scribed stories told by the father. We are nowadays interviewing and typing oral histories by other family members, and researching to find supporting information including articles and photographs (via NT Archives, Trove etc.) Also, the family is providing photographs for the publication. We will incorporate the other family members’ stories, researched information and photographs into this life story. After the editing is completed we will design and produce this hardcopy book.

Memoir-based art and poetry book: We have been collaborating closely with this poet-artist to edit their collection of poetry, that is based on their life experiences. The author’s poetry in conjunction with their photography-digital-art-based artworks are a particularly creative representation of their life story. We have almost finished the editing stage and are moving now into the stage of choosing which artwork goes where, prior to the design and printing stage to produce a large-sized hardcopy book.

Memoirs and life stories still in their early stages: We have been coaching and working closely with several clients, including NDIS participants, on their life stories. They live in QLD, NSW, VIC, and SA and we work with them via Zoom, or (for some of them) face to face. We’re motivating these clients to keep writing, encouraging them to write about certain items in their memoir in more detail, and teaching them how to self-edit their writing so the writing is clear, easy to read and in the right order. These life stories have not finished being written and self-edited yet.

For a list of all the self-published books we have produced see: Our portfolio.