Poetry editing workshop via Zoom

Poetry Editing Group Gippsland (PEGG) held our first online workshop on Saturday 23 May 2020.

Usually PEGG meets face to face every three months but for obvious reasons, this time we chose to meet online, via Zoom.

PEGG applied the same principles of workshopping and editing our poetry, that we had previously been using face to face. That is:

  • the poet reads their poem out loud while participants view the printed poem, several times, so everyone can hear the nuances of how the poet reads their poem
  • based on the poet’s reading of the poem, and other aspects of the poem, participants work together with the poet to try different things (e.g. stanza break, punctuation, or adding or deleting a word) to improve the poem.

Instead of working with an interactive whiteboard as we do in our face to face workshops, for this meeting PEGG used the Zoom screenshare tool, as well as Track Changes in Word, to correct and improve our poems.

For more information about PEGG, or to ask about our next meeting, go to:

Image: courtesy of Pixabay (creative commons licence)