On Time Typing has had a make-over!

On Time Typing is excited to announce that our new-look website is now online.

We’ve been giving our website a make-over during the past couple of weeks, placing beautiful images strategically throughout the website to:

  • improve the aesthetics of our whole website to give our readers a pleasant as well as informative experience, and
  • create ‘visual breaks’ between sections on our web-pages to make it easier for our readers to quickly go to the next section, or back to a previous section.

Obviously, like all websites, the On Time Typing website is a living publication, so we will continue to update, tweak and perfect our website, just as we have done since we first started up the On Time Typing website 15 years ago.

You are welcome to pop in to take a look at what we’ve done to:

Have a great week!

Note: the authors and photographers involved in this recent makeover are:

  • Redesign, editing and makeover: Sally-Anne Watson Kane
  • All photographs in this website (with the exception of the blog section): by Darren Kane and Sally-Anne Watson Kane
  • Design of black-and-white-bird logo for On Time Typing: Darren Kane
  • Copyright owner of all the images in this website (with the exception of the blog section), and owner of the black-and-white-bird logo and On Time Typing Trademark (2002): Sally-Anne Watson Kane