Introducing On Time Typing Books and Life Stories

Self-published printed book
Image: courtesy of Pixabay.

Sally-Anne Watson Kane has recently registered a new business name in addition to her existing business name, to reflect what is now one of the key focuses of her business: On Time Typing Books and Life Stories.

She has also commenced a new Youtube channel dedicated to sharing information about oral history,  life story writing and self-publishing, and all things  memoir. You can watch her first introductory (4.5-minute) clip here: Introducing On Time Typing Books and Life Stories.


Sally-Anne has been owner/operator of On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading (and previously as On Time Typing) since 2002. Prior to this she was engaged in oral history documentation and life story writing. The main focus of the business in 2002 was writing and editing reports but this soon branched into Sally-Anne’s love which is editing books, mainly memoir, as well as also scribing, writing and editing reports. Sally-Anne then then branched into her lifelong passion: life story writing (oral histories, memoirs, typing people’s stories as they speak, self-publishing people’s memoirs or life stories in their own voice).

Sally-Anne has a team of typists, editors and graphic designers who work together to enable Sally-Anne to edit memoirs, produce self-published books, and also continue to provide the corporate editing services that she always has. For information about her team, go to: Our team