Congrats to poet Seamus Foley, colleague and co-author

Banjo Patterson Award

The Banjo Patterson Award 2023 presented to SeamusCongratulations to Seamus Foley for recently winning the Banjo Patterson  Award, for his entertaining recital of The Man from Snowy River. Well done, Seamus – it is a great achievement! (I wish it had been recorded, so that we could have shared the video around.)

Photos of our new poetry book and co-authors Seamus, Delia and Sally-Anne

Front cover of new self-published book Among the Wildflowers

  • See Seamus and Delia at the 3ZZZ radio studio in Melbourne here. They are reading poems by Seamus, Delia and Sally-Anne from our new poetry book Among the Wildflowers.
  • See Sally-Anne and her friend Lidija at their poetry book/artworks market stall on Mothers Day at the inaugural Moe Earth Market, here.
  • See Delia, Seamus and Sally-Anne giving the “final press proof” of our poetry book a final once-over, before approval to print, here.