Writer coaching and typing-as-you-speak for NDIS participants

We have been helping out more and more NDIS participant clients, over the past few months, including people who live in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales:

  • who cannot use a computer, who need things typed up. We type as they speak, via telephone, i.e. we do the  typing for them. Then email it to them or to whoever they need it emailed to.
  • whose goal it is to improve their writing, or who want to learn how to self-edit their writing. We coach them via Zoom, screensharing so we can collaboratively do the editing together while they learn.

We also coach our clients in how to edit, via a combination of Track Changes comments on their documents and Zoom consultation.

Some of the above clients include have an on site support worker to help them use a computer. We meet with the NDIS participant on Zoom and type as they speak, and/or coach them in writing and self-editing. The client’s support worker helps them click in to Zoom, or solve any technical difficulties.

Meet our coaching team here.