What’s on this week…

This week, we are engaged working on the below projects:

  • Completing the final stages of structurally editing an autobiography, which we will then design and assist our client in Warragul, Victoria, to self-publish as a hardcopy book.
  • Producing a series of 1st draft transcripts of interviews for our NT Government client in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.
  • We are just about to commence a structural review (appraisal) and potentially a structural edit of a manuscript of a memoir/autobiographical compilation of stories, for a client in South Australia.
  • We are currently reviewing two different manuscripts (memoir, and fiction) so we can provide quotes for editing those manuscripts, for a client in Traralgon, and a client in Moe, in Gippsland, Victoria
  • We are currently consulting with a client in South Australia to provide them with a quote for typing a  handwritten manuscript (memoir)