What’s on in South Australia: typing and self-publishing services

Book launch of self-published book by Joan Sammon, produced by On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading
Book launch of A life: I am what I am, by Joan Sammon, self-published 2019


We have just commenced working with a new client who lives in South Australia. Over the next six months or so, we will be working with her to:

  • type her manuscript (a memoir)
  • consult with her closely to structurally edit her memoir; at the same time we will be coaching her in writing/self-editing. This may take some months
  • copy edit her manuscript
  • working closely with the client, design the inside pages and cover
  • book in and liaise with the printer, to get the book printed and delivered to our client.

We are also working with other clients (in Victoria) on self-publishing projects which we will talk about another time.