Welcome to Peter, writing and self-editing coach (particularly for NDIS participants)

Peter Loupelis, writiing-self-editing coach

We would like to welcome another writing/self-editing coach to our team, to assist us in  supporting our NDIS and other clients: Peter Loupelis, who lives in Melbourne.

Peter is a neuro-diverse person, and the father of a neuro-diverse child, who is particularly attuned to the unique needs of people with disabilities seeking to live fulfilling lives. He has worked with people living with disability and attending to their needs and goals, within the NDIS framework, for many years. He has previously worked as an AHPRA-registered primary healthcare practitioner, health coach and trauma-informed therapist, and Academic Skills coach.

In addition to his coaching experience, Peter has extensive experience in editing corporate reports and academic publications, and is an Associate  member of Institute of Professional Editors, and has completed a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

With his combined skills and experience working with NDIS participants and in writing, editing and coaching, Peter is well qualified to assist us in providing writing/self-editing coaching services to our clients.

We look forward to working closely in collaboration with Peter in providing writing and self-editing support to our NDIS participant and other clients.