We have a new scribe in southern Queensland

Danikka Taylor our new scribe and typist
 Danikka Taylor our new scribe and typist who lives in Queensland

We are rapt to announce Danikka Taylor has joined our team as a scribe.

Danikka lives in Toowoomba, Queensland. She is experienced in scribing while people speaks, via telephone, to produce documents or online copy that accurately represents what the person has said. She has passed the On Time Typing, Editing and Proofreading (OTTEP) scribing test, and holds a  Bachelor of Arts, Creative and Critical Writing (2020).

Welcome to the team, Danikka!

What is scribing?

Scribing is one of OTTEP’s specialties. ‘Scribing’ can mean typing the proceedings of a meeting (large or small), dictation while the client speaks, or selection reports and referee reports.

Exactly how the ‘scribing’ is done depends on the client’s needs. With some clients it means consulting with the client online; with others, consulting with them via telephone; and with others, via Zoom.  With some clients, scribing means typing while the person or people speak then rewriting and editing their words into a report, minutes or whatever they need. With other clients, scribing  means typing while the person r people speak and then submitting the exact words they have spoken as typed text.

If you think a scribe would be helpful to you in running your business, writing your report or minuting your meeting, give us a call.