Wanted: NT Scribe

Are you experienced in scribing minutes of meetings either on site or
via telephone? Are you an Australian citizen? Do you live in the
Northern Territory?

Do you have excellent writing skills including very good knowledge of
spelling, grammar and punctuation? Do you have great interpersonal

Are you looking for spasmodic work? Spoiler: when it rains it pours,
but if you live in the Territory I am sure you are used to that

Are you available to work during most business hours? Do you have (or
would you be able to set up) an office based in your own home, and an

If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the above please contact me via the Contact Us page in this website.

PS: If in addition to the above skills you also have audio
transcription, editing, formatting or other document production skills
this would be a bonus.

PPS: I need someone YESTERDAY.