Take a look: this week’s projects

Typing, transcribing, editing, proofreading

This week, On Time Typing has been scribing, report writing, editing and proofreading documents for a large number of clients including:

  • an author whose publication we are typing and will soon commence editing
  • two government departments for whom we are producing selection reports
  • a government department for whom we have transcribed audio recordings, and edited the transcripts
  • three Masters and PhD students whose transcripts we are producing
  • several individuals for whom we have typed resumes.

Luckily we have a close-knit and dependable team of typists, scribes and editors based in Northern Territory and Victoria who have been working around the clock to meet very tight deadlines.

We would like to thank our wonderful team: Leila, Dianne, Rae, Judie, Ruth, Dee, Vani and Sue. We couldn’t do it without you.

Sally-Anne, Proprietor, On Time Typing