Take a look: this week’s projects

Every now and then we will be issuing a ‘Take a look’ news item about what the On Time Typing team is currently up to.

Over the past week, On Time Typing’s editors and typists have been working on:

  1. Copy typing and editing a publication about native plants of Central Australia.
  2. Meetings with the author in relation to their publication about the history of a football club (Mornington).
  3. Writing and editing 5 Selection Reports for Northern Territory Government (all at different stages of the reporting cycle).
  4. Audio transcription (producing interview transcripts) for two companies in Melbourne.
  5. Copy typing and editing reports for a consultant psychologist in Bendigo.
  6. Providing various quotations for typing, transcription, editing, proofreading and copy writing websites.

The most important thing we learned last week, that we will address this week, was: it is really important to get someone else to proofread our blog articles prior to publishing them.

This coming week we will be:

  1. Continuing to write and edit Selection Reports.
  2. Commence editing native plants publications.
  3. Continue to coordinate the football club publication.
  4. Producing transcripts as required for companies across Australia.
  5. If time allows: revise social media platform marketing strategy. Commence marketing our new medical transcription services. 
  6. Develop a plan for having our blog and LinkedIn articles proofread on a weekly basis.
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